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    Largest Selection of Window Security Products

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OUR Window bars, Window guard , Window Grille and Window gate  PROTECT HOME/BUSINESS AND FAMILY 24/7 365 days of the year!! We have largest range of Window and door bars to keep your Home, family and Business safe."Window bars don't have to be ugly" .We custom manufacture security window bars and related products for forced entry protection.At GlassEssential  we provide a variety of products and styles options to match different applications for your home and business which includes security bars, Window guards, Window grilles, security gates, Window grates, basement window bars,Alarmed Window Screen, Alarmed Window bars ,Bandit Bars, Vera bars,Front Door Security gate, Expanded Metal Window Covering , Wire Mesh Security Grille and  window security film for invisible protection. Window Security bars are available in Fixed, Removable or Folding Mounting Options. Choose from Simple Looking to Highly Decorative Bras From at one place.


Folding Window Grille

Folding Window Grille
Wire Mesh Window Guard

Wire Mesh Window Guard
Alarmed Aluminum Window Bars

Alarmed Aluminum Window Bars
Steel Fixed Window Security Bars

Steel Fixed Window Security Bars
Quick Release Window Bars

Quick Release Window Bars
Basement Window Well Cover

Basement Window Well Cover
Decorative Window Security Grille

Decorative Window Security Grille
Bandit Security Bars

Bandit Security Bars
Security and Safety Film

Security and Safety Film
Steel Removable Security Bars

Steel Removable Security Bars
Expanded Metal Window Grille

Expanded Metal Window Grille
 Aluminum Fixed and Removable Window Bars

Aluminum Fixed and Removable Window Bars
Alarm Wire Screen

Alarm Wire Screen

Steel Fixed Window Security Bars

Steel Folding Window Security Bar is a fixed type security bar to serve as an ideal security solution for your residential, commercial and industrial windows. Add on features like variant fixtures for easy mounting, provision for expansion with sleeve connectors and availability in different window sizes with great option of folding when not in use have made this product trustworthy and popular.GLASSESSENTIAL® Steel Fixed Window Security Bars are an ideal product to deter possible robberies and break-ins. Our bars will deter forced opening.

    • Steel Folding Window Security Bar
    • Made of high grade, premium quality steel for better strength and safety.
    • These security bars are fixed type and can be fold-able when not in use.
    • 7 inch by 7 inch square grid
    • ½ inch by ½ inch 18 gauge steel tubing.
    • Proven factor of higher resistance and resilience against external force.
    • Special powder coating for durability.
    • Great option of folding for this window bar when not in use.
    • 9- “U” Brackets for 2 sides for Recess mount (Inset).
    • Select from brown and white color.
    • Easy installation guide instruction included.
    • Shipping within 48 hours.
  • Fixed Window Bar Size

  • Steel fixed window bars installation parts
    • Recess mount (Inset) – U Brackets included for 2 sides.
    • For Surface mount require different brackets, (Sold separately) please contact us with details of mounting
  • In case of mounting between the frames (Jamb), measure opening width and height between the frames (Jamb). In case of brick or concrete wall, take measurement between brick opening and concrete opening.

  • Select from Brown or White, powder coated
  • If custom window opening size is bigger than this window bar, you should buy two window bars with sleeve bracket and cut to fit according to size.
    If custom window opening size is smaller than this window bars, custom cut is required, we do custom cut at extra cost (not Included).
    Optional (To be sold separately):
    Two folding bars joined with sleeve connectors can be extended up to desired length.
    Variant fixtures like "U" bracket, "L" foot and "I" foot for easy mounting on frame with screws.
    Additional “U” Brackets for top and bottom mounting are extra and sold separately at $2 Ea.
    “ I” Brackets for Surface (Face of Wall Mount) if required and sold separately at $2 Ea.
    “L” Brackets for Recess (Inset Mount) if required and sold separately at $2 Ea.
    Sleeve connectors to join two window bars are available and if required sold separately at $3 Ea.
    Custom Cutting of Window Bars is at $ 30 per Window Bar.
    Call us at 1-877-874-6321 for any additional extra brackets or Custom Cutting.
    1 - Steel Folding Window Security Bar –ordered size
    Mounting and connecting Brackets : As per ordered type and quantity.
  • Each Steel Folding Window Security Bar is folded and packed in plastic bag inside card board box.

    Availability: Readily available and generally ships in 48 hrs.

Steel Removable Window Security Bars

Steel Removable Window Security Bar with features of expansion, swing and removable are ideal for small windows for residential applications It is protecting from burglars and trespassers.  Just fit this high quality Security Bars in your basement, rear kitchen and rooms’ windows and create safe environment for life!.User Friendly Expandable, removable and swing Window Security Bars.It is recommended that if window bars are used they should be applied with the first layer of security (inside the glass) with Glass Break Sensors.

    • Made of high grade, premium quality steel tubing to ensure security.
    • Special white powder coating for durability.
    • Unique telescopic design helps two steel tubes sliding thereby expand and collapse up to a desired size.
    • Each Window Bars fits in large range of opening width.
    • Special removable hinge system for security bars to swing and remove.
    • Easier to remove in case of emergency due to removable Hinge System.
    • Easier to swing for cleaning window due to patented hinge system.
    • Two Side angle brackets included for window frame installation.
    • One lock with keys included to secure bars to be safely fixed with bracket.
    • Easy installation guide instruction included.
    • Also called “Burglar Bars”; make your home/office “intrusion-proof” in minimal time.
    • Durable white powder coating.
    • Easy for installation and Can be operated from inside.
    • Affordable with High deterrent and Tamper resistant hardware.
  • Steel Removable Bars Size

    • Window Security bars comes with angle bracket, Siding Square Tubes and locking system.
    • Standard square steel tubing area is 3/4" X 3/4"x0.04”.
    • Standard Gap maintained between two horizontal security bars is 4"-1/2.
    • 10 Different Sizes/ Models available.
    • Fits in Min Width : 16”.
    • Fits in Max Width : 78”.
    • Fits in Min Height : 12”
    • Fits in Max Height : 27”
    • More Opening Height may require two or more window bars
    • Number of Horizontal bars in each window bars varies from 3 t 6 depending upon a height of each window bars.
  • Measure opening width and height. If mounting between the frames (Jamb), take measurement between the frames (Jamb). If mounting between brick or concrete walls, take measurement between brick opening and concrete opening.
  • White, powder Coated.

Aluminum Fixed and Removable Window Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Aluminum Window Security Bars are fixed and removable in nature. They protect residential and store front windows where aesthetics and security is a close fit. These FIXED AND REMOVABLE TYPE security bars are power-coated for exterior use and are available in DIY window bars kit.
    • Made of strong and durable extruded aluminum alloy and designed to present a French window appearance.
    • Spacing between security bars available are 9" x 12" and 9" x 9".
    • Custom cut to fit your window opening size.
    • The unique design allows pre-manufacturing of the window bars with final assembly at site. This reduces shipping and handling costs and provides a fast and simple installation.
    • Generally ship un assembled to save on shipping cost.
    • Needs assembly before installation at job site.
    • We also ship assembled product to avoid assembly at job site at additional assembly cost (please note shipping will cost more in this case).
    • Aluminum security bars can be installed permanently secured or locked and removable. Optional: fixed mount window bars and removable mount window bars.
    • Easy installations for do it yourself users.
    • Removable window bars are available with 2 side lock.
    • It can also be installed with an alarm device and ease of removability for fire safety or other reasons.
    •  Aluminum window security bar's flexibility withstands human attack extremely well as it flexes under attack absorbing the energy uniformly thus reducing the risk of anchor bolt failure. Aluminum security bars installations utilize substantially more anchor bolts then most other products.
    • If a vehicle or other device is used to pull the bars out, aluminum bars will normally snap at the point of pulling (fragment) and still stay in the window denying access. At the same time this type of attack on aluminum security bars will not normally result in the destruction of the whole storefront as often happens with steel bars in certain installations.
    • Finish available: clear anodized, white.
    • Aesthetically pleasing window security bars.
    • Applications: storefront and home applications.
  • Aluminum Fixed and Removable Bars - Pricing

    Aluminum security bars for Window

    Fixed Type security bars Recess Or Surface Mount Option
    9" X 12" spacing between bars
    $ 13.50/ Sq.Ft
    Fixed Type security bars Recess Or Surface Mount Option
    9" X 9" spacing between bars
    $ 15.75/Sq.Ft
    Fixed Type security bars  Recess Or Surface Mount Option
    4.5" X 12" spacing between bars
    Removable Type security bars Two Lock Required per Window
    9" X 12" spacing between bars
    $ 14.75/Sq.Ft $44.00/Window (locks)
    Removable Mount security bars Storefront Channel Mount Two Lock Required per Window
    9" X 9" spacing between bars
    $ 17.75/Sq.Ft +
    $44.00/Window (2 locks)
    Removable Mount security bars  Storefront Channel Mount  Two Lock Required per Window
    4.5" X 12" spacing between bars
    $ 23.00/Sq.Ft + $44.00/Window (2 locks)

    Aluminum security bars for Door

    Custom Cut Fixed Type security bars Custom Cut to Standard Door Glass Size, Surface(Face)Mounting
    9" X 12" spacing between bars
    $285.00 /Door Kit
    Custom Cut Fixed Type security bars Custom Cut to Standard Door Glass Size, Surface(Face)Mounting
    9" X 9" spacing between bars
    $330.00 /Door Kit
    Custom Cut Fixed Type security bars  Custom Cut to Standard Door Glass Size,  Surface(Face)Mounting
    4.5" X 12" spacing between bars
    $450.00 /Door Kit
    Pre Cut Std Commercial Glass Door Kit (one size fits most) ,Fixed Type, (2 sections, top, bottom)
    9" X 12" spacing between bars
    $250.00/Door Kit
    Pre Cut Removable Door Kit- Standard Single Door.
    There are no locks on a door kit, the bars can only be lifted off when the door is open
    9" X 12" spacing between bars
    $350.00 /Door Kit

    Other Selection Options

    Locks-Keyed alike
    $ 22/Each
    security bars Assembled by Us Note: Shipping Charges will be higher for Assembled security bars
    $ 1.25/Sq.Ft
    Colors Selection
    Clear Anodized/ White

  • Prices are FOB our Warehouse.

    Billing is a minimum 8 sq.ft. per opening

    Standard production is 5 Days

Quick Release Window Bars

Our Quick release window security bars are made of architectural grade aluminum. It comes with quick release mechanism and provides instant release in emergency exit situation. It is available in standard white powder coat finish. It provides high security with attractive french window looks. We custom manufacture according to window opening size.


  • This Quick release window bars Custom Cut to made as per window size
  • Made of Architectural grade aluminum(Similar to our Aluminum window bars)
  • Available in Kit to save on shipping (Needs Assembly at job site)
  • Easy DIY installation
  • May meet your state and Municipal Fire and Safety regulation for windows.
  • Vertical and Horizontal bar grid pattern provides attractive French window looks

Price : $15.00 per square foot +Quick Release Kit (See below)

Colors available: White

Shipping and taxes are extra.

Add price of  following required Quick Release Kit  from below

    12” end sets for windows 12” to 22” high - $70.00
    15” end sets for windows 20” to 30” high - $75.00
    25” end sets for windows 30” to 40” high - $92.00
    35” end sets for windows 40” to 50” high - $115.00
    45” end sets for windows 50” to 60” high - $135.00

Example for Pricing : ” Window measures 32” wide x 24” high = 6 square feet (minimum)
6 x 15.00 = 90.00 plus 75.00 (15” end set) = $165.00, your net cost +Shipping+Taxes

Expanded Metal Window Grille

Achieve maximum security with an expanded custom-made steel metal mesh. This is an excellent permenant solution for your high security residential and commercial applications. With a painted, powder-coated or galvanized finishing option, attain even greater durability. Provide your window opening width and height dimensions to start talking security. Or contact a sales associate to learn more about this product.


  • Expanded Metal, Steel Wire Mesh Metal used for maximum security
  • 16 Gauge expanded metal mesh security window grille panels
  • Tabs to fasten to the walls at the sides of the window
  • Standard colors like blue, black and grey (extra charges for other colors)
  • Half-hinged window grille allowing half the grille to hinge upward to access the window (optional)

Wire Mesh Window Guard

Protect window and door with GLASSESSENTIAL® 10 gauge welded Wire Mesh Window Guard. It prevents breakins, burglaries and robberies. Custom made to fit your window and door size . Aesthetically pleasing finishes available. GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire Mesh Window Guard is the most protective product used for your home security against possible robberies.


  • Security Window Guard Panels
  • 2”X 2” or 1" X 1" Welded Wire Mesh used for guarding your windows to protect against theft and vandalism
  • 10 gauge Strong Wire mesh
  • Welded on each Intersection to provide strong security
  • Each Panel has tabs on both side to fasten to window frame
  • Frame can made of 1/4X 1” for surface mount
  • 1/4X 2” flat bar frame with center support for bigger windows and surface mounting
  • Angle or tubular framing for Recess mount
  • Custom Sizes Security Window Guard made to best fit your window
  • Standard Colors available like-Black, Grey or Blue

Download Estimate/Order Worksheet for mounting

Decorative Window Security Grille

Cosmoplitan Model


  • ½” X ½” solid steel security bars
  • Available in two Options: Two Horizontal bars or Three Horizontal bars
  • Custom Made to your Window Size.
  • One Side Welded Mounting Bracket
  • Other Side Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Standard vertical spacing is 6" on center
  • Clearly visible from outside
  • Solid Welded Steel Security for your windows and doors.
  • Colors Available : Brown, Black, Grey, White
  • Price : $13.50 per square foot for Black, Brown and Grey.
  • Price : $15.25 per square foot for White.
  • Request Quote for Staggered Cosmopolitan window bars.
  • Minimum billing is 8 square feet per opening
  • Forced entry protection.

Colonial Model


  • Solid steel construction
  • Made from 1/2” x 1/2” steel bar, with grid overlapped and welded
  • Choice of Full Frame or Open End Window bars.
  • Full Frame window bars can be Fixed or Removable.
  • Fixed style Open end Window Bars.
  • Custom Size can be made.
  • Color Options: Brown, Grey, Black, White
  • Enhances appearance of window.
  • Fixed or removable in full frame option
  • Min Order Size for each window bar :8 Sq.Ft
  • $14.50 per square foot for Black, Brown and Grey (Open Ended -Fixed Type)
  • $16.50 per square foot for White.(Open Ended -Fixed Type)
  • Optional Adjustable mounting bracket every second horizontal bar.

Arizona Model


  • ½” X ½” solid security bars
  • Unique look
  • Well Ventilated
  • Prevent smash & grab
  • Request for Price Quote with window opening sizes

Defender Model


  • Solid ½”x ½” square steel security bars
  • Decorative scroll sold separately at additional cost . see end of this section to check scroll prices
  • White powder coated for high visibility
  • Request for Price Quote with window opening sizes

Spanish Model


  • ½”x ½” solid bars
  • European look
  • Well-ventilated
  • Decorative scroll sold separately at additional cost .
  • For Pricing Contact us with opening Sizes, Scrolls,Finials and Collar requirements.


  • “S” scroll add $42.00/pair
  • Forged scroll add $65.00 each
  • Finial and collars add $8.50 each

Tudor Model


  •  ½”x ½” solid bars
  • European look
  • Well Ventilated
  • For Pricing, Contact us with Opening sizes of each window and mounting type.

Scroll Designs for Decorative Window Grille

Any of above Decorative Window Grille do not come with scroll

Scroll sold separately at additional price.

More Scroll makes window more appealing and add to cost.

Scrolls 35-2

Scroll 37-3

Scroll 35-1

Bandit Security Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Bandit Alarmed window Security Bars  gives  an enhanced protection to your home or office from burglars or intruders. The window provides the ultimate security when fitted with an alarm which sets on if the bars are dislodged. The bars are installed vertically or horizontally (not backwards), and include magnets and switches.
    • Provide visual deterrent from outside
    • No cutting required in this window security bars
    • Unique end Window Brackets holds the bars firmly in place
    • Great for windows up to 14” high, fire safe
    • These products work for air ducts, roof hatches and skylights too!
    • Strong Extruded Aluminum Alloy used
    • Protect windows up to 60” wide and 14” High
    • Fit most of basement windows
    • Windows can be opened and closed normally with GLASSESSENTIAL® window security bars.
    • Protects both sides of a sliding window whether open or closed
    • Works with any alarm system
    • The sensors of these Window Security bars use proven magnetic technology.
    • Switch and magnet included with this window security bars
    • Easily removable from inside in emergency or for window cleaning.
    • Supplied completely with hardware for inset or Surface or angle mount.
    • Also applicable for air ducts, roof hatches and skylights safety and protection
    • Great for windows up to 14” high, fire safe.
    • Adjustable Spring Loaded fits windows from 22” to 40” 
    • Model : UG-BB-1-SM Bandit bar (Length 48”) colour white. price  $70.00.
    • Model : UG-BB-1-EL Bandit bar Extra Long (Length 54”) colour white. price  $76.00.
    • Model : UG-BB-1-60 Bandit bar (Length 60”) colour white. price  $82.00.
    • Model : UG-BB-3X20 Bandit bar one size fits most up to 60” colour white. price  $86.00.
    • Model : UG-BB-EXT Bandit extender - (24" length). price  $17.00.
    • Includes all Aluminum bars, spacers, screws, switch and magnet
    • Optional : UG-BB-SA Surface mounting adapter (fits all models). price  $17.00.

Alarm Wire Screen

GLASSESSENTIAL® Alarm Wire Screen brings together a security screen which is simple enough to fit your existing frame or new custom made frame and a special alarm mesh which has interwoven detection wires every four inches.Magnetic reed switch tamper and plug connector are also added to the frame.

These components are internally wired together within the screen frame to form a protective grid which is plugged into your alarm system. When your alarm system is turned off, security screen can be easily removed to allow normal window and screen cleaning. When the security system is “ON”, any attempt made to unplug security screen will activate your security alarm system.

Important Instructions:

  • Screen Frame supplied must be in good condition
  • Frames for Patio Door Screens must be supplied
  • Circuit Wires run vertically on 4” centers
  • Price includes one lead and one temper switch
    • Perimeter protection for your windows and doors
    • Offers burglar protection when windows are open or closed
    • Non-interference with popular window treatments
    • Connects to any alarm system
    • Allows security system to be armed 24 Hrs
    • Alarms if screen is cut, removed or tampered with
    • Affordable
    • Fast delivery
    • Simple installation
    • Appropriate for Canadian weather
    • No false alarms
    • 5-year warranty against defects and workmanship
  • Cost with your Existing Screen Frame

    ModelSizeApplicationPrice $CDN
    Up to 5 sq. ft in size
    Bathroom windows, basement windows etc
    6 to 16 sq. ftBed room, Family room, Kitchen windows etc

    Bed room, Family room, Kitchen windows etc $130.00/each

    16 to 28 sq. ft
    Custom windows, Solarium windows, large double Hung windows
    Sliding door screens require an external surface mount contact and a door cord. We provide a pair of wires near the top on the opening side.The door cord and contact are not provided. Please note doors are expensive to ship because of their physical size.
    Patio Doors
    Wood screen
    Requires a new aluminum screen Frame mounted to existing wood frame
    Patio Windows
    Add cost of new screen frame from New Screen Pricing

    • Standard Aluminum Box Frames
    • Colors available: White and Brown
    • SmallCAD$ 70.00
    • MediumCAD$ 85.00
    • Large CAD$ 110.00
    • HORIZONTAL CIRUITS - $38 each. Woven into the screen mesh horizontally to reduce man hole size on tall screens.

Alarm Window Bars


  • Similar to Solid Window bars
  • Work like an alarm
  • Made of strong extruded aluminum alloy
  • Gives a French window appearance
  • Clear anodized, white and brown polyester powder coated; compliments most window installations
  • Window can be open and closed normally
  • Use of proven magnetic technology for sensors
  • Easily removable from inside in emergency, for fire exit or for window cleaning
  • Available Height of Security bars: 24”- 60”
  • Available Width of Security bars: 18”- 72”
  • Good security for residential windows
  • Alarmed security system triggers the owners’ alarm when windows are removed or tampered with
  • Not hinged yet removable
  • Usable with wireless system
    • Surface Mounting Adapter UGCKT-SA - 18.00
    • Two required per window
    • Fits all model
  • Sizes and Prices:

    Alarmed Aluminum Window Security Bars – Sizes and Prices


    Width (inches)

    Height (inches)

    Price ($CND)

    Window Security Bars – Alarmed For Width 18” – 27”

    Security bars 1827-24                  

    18” – 27”



    Security bars 1827-36

    18” – 27”



    Security bars 1827-48                  

    18” – 27”                



    security bars 1827-60                  

    18” – 27”                



    Window Security Bars – Alarmed For Widths 27” – 36”

    security bars 2736-24

    27” – 36”



    security bars 2736-36                  

    27” – 36”              



    security bars 2736-48                  

    27” – 36”              



    security bars 2736-60

    27” – 36”                



    Window Security Bars – Alarmed For Widths 36” – 45”

    security bars 3645-24                  

    36” – 45”



    security bars 3645-36                  

    36” – 45”              



    security bars 3645-48                  

    36” – 45”              



    security bars 3645-60                  

    36” – 45”              



    Window Security Bars – Alarmed For Widths 45” – 54”

    security bars 4554-24

    45” – 54”



    security bars 4554-36                    

    45” – 54”              




    security bars 4554-48

    45” – 54”              




    security bars 4554-60                    

    45” – 54”             



    window security bars – Alarmed For Widths 54” – 63”

    security bars 5463-24

    54” – 63”



    security bars 5463-36

    54” – 63”



    security bars 5463-48

    54” – 63”



    security bars 5463-60

    54” – 63”



    window security bars – Alarmed For Widths 63” – 72”

    security bars 6372-24    

    63” – 72”



    security bars 6372-36                    

    63” – 72”          



    security bars 6372-48                    

    63” – 72”



    security bars 6372-60

    63” – 72”



Folding Window Grille

  • Folding Security Grille with top and bottom tracks
  • Provides effective security
  • Made of Aluminum Profiles
  • Maintenance free
  • No Motor Required
  • Elegant window protection
  • Easy-to-retract
  • Can be opened whenever you want
  • Allows a clear view of merchandise in commercial settings
  • Aluminum Folding Grille for Window Security
  • Top and Bottom Track Included.
  • Locking on Right or Left
  • Fold on One Side or in middle
  • High Aesthetics and Better Security
  • S126 / Concept 525 Model shown in pictures
  • For More Model Details : Visit our Sliding Grille Section

Window Well Cover


  • Prevents falling
  • Prevent leaves and debris from falling in the Window Well
  • Welded Angle Iron for strength to Window Well Cover
  • Customized size and color
  • Prompt delivery
  • Made of heavy duty durable steel and high quality metal frame for Window Well Covering
  • Expanded metal used for better protection and coverage
  • Painted black or grey
  • Ideal for basement window covering
  • Custom made for your window well
  • Installation services available in selected areas.

Security & Safety Film


GlassEssential® safety and security window films are multilayer polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered.Threats like violent weather, earthquake, vandalism and terrorism need to be considered when securing a property. Be it home or office, hazards could pop up anywhere. Our security films at GLASSESSENTIAL® will protect your property so you can keep your mind off of security.


  • Window strength increases manifold.
  • Minimizes chances of burglary; penetrating through safety film-protected window requires much time and effort.
  • Deterrent to vandals or burglars.
  • Easily affordable, efficient and pleasant-looking; better than alternatives like burglar bars, shutters and screens.
  • Installation by factory-trained professional.
  • Window Security Films from GLASSESSENTIAL® provide the most efficient and cost effective way of securing and safeguarding your home and office. They provide protection from 

    • Injury and accidents : The window security films protect occupants and property of your home and office from the shards of glass, which otherwise may prove to be fatal. Special adhesives used in our safety films bind the glass pieces with it; thereby making GLASSESSENTIAL security films safety-assuring.
    • Violent weather : Storms, cyclones and typhoons never come with a prior warning and can cause a huge loss. Rain, dust particles, debris and dirt get free access to your room, defacing your property and health. GLASSESSENTIAL security films increase your window’s resistance to excessive force and torrential rainfall, prevent the entry of unwanted particles and protect you from the natural calamities to a great extent.
    • Vandalism : Alarms and security systems do provide protection from burglary and vandalism but with times-a-changing, window security films have gained popularity and preference. You as well as your window get safety with these films. Miscreants find it difficult to break through security film-protected glass panes.
    • Explosions : Explosions too are unexpected, be it industrial or terroristic. The flying shreds of glass thereof may cause a range of injuries, from minor bruises to fatal ones. These glass fragments can prove to be more lethal than the actual explosion. Nothing can provide you complete protection from explosions but the security and safety films from GLASSESSENTIAL.
    • Trespassers: Being absolutely clear, transparent and invisible, these security films act like an invisible shield. They save you during break-ins or natural hazards or acts of vandalism or explosions.
    • UV rays :They act like a sunscreen for you, your loved ones, your furniture and other property from getting discolored or harmed otherwise by the strong UV rays.
    • Blinding Glare: These security sheets are also available in tinted versions so you don’t get disturbed by the glare of the sun, yet enjoy the natural light.
  • GLASSESSENTIAL® is a leader in the world of security films. and  proud security provider of many a foundations.

    • Governmental bodies; US National Archives, Canadian Parliament and the military of several countries
    • Ports; Logan Airport, Shipping Companies of Boeing and terminals of Cruise Line, Boston Airport, UPS and Teco
    • Corporate office buildings; IBM, Cognos TV stations, Compaq computers and Fox Television Studios
    • Corporations; UPS Courier, Medical organizations and drugstores, gun shops, stores owned by Hugo Boss, Ritz Camera, centers owned by Bell Call, liquor stores, Sears, Marks Work Warehouse, publishing firms, Walgreen’s, Sara Lee Pastries and Shopper’s Drugs Marts
    • Multiple embassies and financial institutions; Revenue Canada and World Monetary Fund
    • Considerable number of museums and nuclear plants; Royal Canadian Mint.
    • Army bases and several police agencies including FBI, RCMP, Justice Department of Canada and CIA.
    • Provide you with state-of-the-art security laminates that are a result of constant R&D.
    • Protect you from vandalism and burglary
    • Ensure reduction in energy costs
    • Use of a unique technique “bi-axe method” to provide maximum protection to you all through set global standards for security laminates.
    • Use of superior quality adhesives, applied in a unique method in multiple layers to produce the laminate. This handles the tensile strength and makes the glass stick to the film.
    • Availability of professionals and factory trained technicians to install the safety laminates.
    • Totally clear and transparent.
    • Pressure activated unlike imitation films which are water based.
    • High bomb resistance level, high bullet resistance and adequate levels of burglar resistance.
    • Possess a scratch resistant layer so it can withstand great extents of wear and tear. Most cleaning solutions for glass panes available including ammonia-based ones can be used to clean the GlassEssential® safety laminates.
    • Optional Extremely strong anchoring system to hold the glass together in the frame.
    • Limited warranty for lifetime against fading, peeling, piquing, yellowing and de-lamination.
    • Glass is the most sought after and most vulnerable target for outside forces.Statistics say that out of every three break-ins, two happen by smashing of glass panes