Wire Mesh Partitions,Locker & Cages

  • Wire Mesh Partitions,Locker & Cages

    Wire Mesh Partitions,Locker & Cages

    Wire Mesh Partitions,Locker & Cages

    Model Selection

Model Selection

Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions

Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions
Vending Machine Guard

Vending Machine Guard
Ship Ladder With CatWalk

Ship Ladder With CatWalk
Access Dolly Platform

Access Dolly Platform
Garage Storage Locker

Garage Storage Locker
Wire Mesh Cage

Wire Mesh Cage
Fire Hose Storage

Fire Hose Storage
Ramp for Dock Door

Ramp for Dock Door
Truck Box

Truck Box
Wire Mesh Locker

Wire Mesh Locker
Stacking Storage Bin Container

Stacking Storage Bin Container
MailBox Security Cage

MailBox Security Cage
Water Pumping Station Door

Water Pumping Station Door
Wire Container

Wire Container
Mobile Container Storage Unit

Mobile Container Storage Unit
Custom Stairs

Custom Stairs
Stock Cart

Stock Cart
Wire Pallet Rack Enclosure

Wire Pallet Rack Enclosure
Propane Storage Cage

Propane Storage Cage
Tool Box

Tool Box
CCTV Protection Guard

CCTV Protection Guard

Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions

We carry a variety of welded wire mesh fencing including cage and customize for every project. We have a solution for  variety of quality Garden & Utility Fencing and Outdoors wire mesh fencing.we use 10 gauge welded wire for extra security of our fencing products. Our wire mesh fencing avialable in 2" X 2" or 2" x 1"  welded wire mesh .Our welded wire partitions are Modular, Stackable Partition Systems For Warehouses, Basements And Storage Areas with stronger panel made of heavy duty 10-gauge wire welded at every wire contact point. Prevent the most extreme threats and ensure maximum security, GlassEssential ®extra-tough Welded wire mesh partitions .It is made of 10-gauge wire, providing greater security and protection in the most demanding environments.

Our wire mesh partition includes both standard and custom panels, doors, service windows and corners designed to simplify partition arrangement in a variety of applications. Key uses include lockdown areas, conveyorized sorting stations, postal distribution centers, bonded warehouses and court buildings, as well as homeland security purposes. Manufactured from 100% carbon-neutral, recycled steel, the product also qualifies for LEED points. Our modular wire partition system with stock panels allows you to design most any partition or storage configuration to meet your application and security requirement.

GlassEssential is leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions for over 10 years.Our wire partitions and fence  are made of Quality Construction: Partition panels, posts and doors are all-steel and completely painted, powder coated or galvanized for long-lasting performance and good looks.
    • Modular Design-It is easy to assemble and erect.
    • creating a space within a space.
    • One side, Two Side, Three Side and Four Side Wall Partitions.
    • Optional Roof Panel.
    • Optional Shelving inside partitions.
    • Swing Door or Sliding door Options.
    • Wicket Window Option.
    • The sturdy 10 gauge welded wire mesh construction for better strength. 
    • Custom made wire mesh partition enclosures or fenced storage units.
    • Multipurpose use like guarding machineries, storing valuables and isolating specific area.
    • Cost effective, decorative and premium surface finish.
    • Good alternative to dry wall with swing and sliding door options.
    • Wire Mesh Partitions ensures good amount of light, air, heat, and sound to pass through it.
    • Due to highly précised fabricating, alignment of all components are assured.
    • Warehouses
    • Distribution centers
    • Manufacturing facilities,
    • Tool cribs
    • Maintenance cages
    • Machine guarding
    • General inventory storage areas.
    • Data centers for security and separation of computer servers,
    • To divide collocation facilities,
    • For temporary holding cells and evidence storage cages by law enforcement,
    • DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) for their secured drug and pharmaceutical storage needs.

Wire Partiton Panel Size

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire mesh Partition standard Parts available in standard size and we also manufacture custom size partitions panel, doors. 10-gauge wire in 2"X  2" and 2" X 1"  grid  panels in Standard size are manufactured in quantity and maintained in stock.By stacking wire partition panels one on top of the other, you can create a partition system of almost any height. Full height partition walls are built by stacking two or more panels between posts.

Wire Mesh structures basically comprise interconnected wire mesh panels with posts and gates. So, with panel size, varies the other parts’ dimensions and weight. Here is a detailed figure table of standard parts and their weight.

Panel Size

Dimension Weight
5’ X 8’ 
4’ X 10’
4’ X 8’
3’ X 8’
2’ X 8”
1’X 8’ 

Swing Door Gate

Dimension Weight
3’ X 7’
4’ X 7’
5’ X 7’
3’ X 7’ Dutch Door
4’ X 7’ Dutch Door
4’ X 8’ Service Wicket

Post Size 12 Gauge Steel Post Come With base Plates.Plastic Cap Optional

Dimension Weight
8’3” X 2”
10’3” X 2”
12’3”X 2”
16’3”X 2”

Slide Gate

Dimension Weight
4’3” X 8’
6’3” X 8’
8’3” X 8’
8’3” X 10’
8’3” X 12’
10’3” X 10’
10’3” X 12’
12’3” X 12’

Wire Mesh Color and Size

We provide wire mesh in 2" X 2"  , 2" X 1", expanded metal  pattern welded in each intersection of wires ,.Our enamle, galvanising  and powder coating method maximizes wire mesh  corrosion resistance.Select Color and Size to best fit your requirement.
Wire Color and Mesh Size.
    • 2" X 2" (with 10-gauge wire mesh)
    • 2" X 1" (with 10-gauge wire mesh)
    • Expanded Metal
    • Plexiglass
    • Sheet Metal (with 18-gauge steel)
    • Blue
    • Black
    • GreySafety Yellow

Wire Mesh Cage

Wire Mesh Security Cages & Partitions. : Our  cage Wire mesh provides a consistent and uniform mesh count to fabricate dimensionally Reduce pilferage, protect inventory, and increase safety by installing a tamper-resistant, secure partition. We keep stocks of some standard Wire Mesh Partitions & Security Room .Wire Mesh Cage is made from from modular sized panels and  full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors and  post .Our Wire Security Cages provide a rigid and attractive solution that saves your precious material inside.Create secure, safe storage in your facility with wire mesh partitions.,Security & Fencing Partitions. Security Cage.Wire Partitions Panels are extremely tough but attractive system for separating and securing any space. Made of galvanized wire in a grid pattern that produces a wire mesh partition panel, GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire Mesh Cage is quite strong.

GlassEssential is a A leading manufacturer / installer of wire partitions, wire mesh enclosures,wire mesh cages, wire mesh tenant storage lockers & railing infill panels.Our Wire Partitions are 10-gauge steelwire, wwelded  into an extremely strong 2" X 2 pattern. Frames, posts and components are all steel.
Wire Mesh Partition Swing Door with Panic hardware

Wire Mesh Partition Swing Door
with Panic hardware
Wire Mesh Partition Swing Door with Service Wicket (Window)

Wire Mesh Partition Swing Door
with Service Wicket (Window)
Wire Mesh Cage with Sliding Door

Wire Mesh Cage with Sliding Door
Wire mesh cage as a Man Trap to restrict entry

Wire mesh cage as
a Man Trap to restrict entry
wire mesh cage with Roof

Wire mesh cage with Roof
wire mesh cage

wire mesh cage
    • Quality construction: Thick galvanized steel give wire in a rectangular pattern. Posts and doors are all-steel and completely galvanized for long-lasting performance and good looks. Open design provides unobstructed view, allows air circulation and light penetration, while providing security. Frames, posts and components are all steel. Panel hardware is accessible only from the inside of partition for added security.
    • Installation faster by 25% in comparison to conventional systems; use of fewer parts and self-tapping screws.
    • Economical price; affordable alternative to dry-wall or block wall construction.
    • Versatile: Can be trimmed for making changes in dimensions, floor or wall irregularities, custom conveyor or lift systems and overhead piping or obstructions; can be attached to posts at angles other than 90o, providing greater flexibility of your wire partition enclosure, allowing efficient use of space
    • Modular: Easy to design woven wire partitions cabinets and cages up to 25ft high. Partition doors are pre-hung and cut installation time by 50%. Easy dissembling and relocation of woven wire partitions make reconfiguration faster and less expensive.
    • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
    • Clean and attractive looks
    • Powder coated colors optional
    • Separating and securing industrial or commercial spaces, or governmental environments
    • Enclosing work areas
    • Creating secure storage facilities in factories and warehouses; providing access control and loss prevention
    • Stock rooms and commercial storage facilities
    • Securing valuable inventory
    • Wire mesh security cage
    • Wire mesh security cabinet
    • Wire mesh security cage on dolly truck
    • Wire mesh security cage on casters
    • wire mesh visible lockers
    • Wire mesh containers
    • Wire mesh pallet rack and bulk rack enclosure
    • Wire mesh safety barrier
    • Applicable on the sales floor, in the back room, or the warehouse
    • Stores and secures materials and items that are subject to pilferage
    • Attractive and durable units with easy-to-clean finish
    • Full-access doors swing out at approximately 270° and feature a quick-action locking mechanism with hasps for a padlock

Wire Cage Configuration

Our wire cages are high-security, heavy duty applications.Which type of wire panels. Wire mesh Cage Configuration can be associated with existing walls. Depend on numbers of existing wall you can decide number of side of wire mesh panels. For Example if you are installing in one corner of room, you already have two wall so you will need two sideed wire mesh cage partition. Roof panels for wire cage are optional and it varies with height of partition, height of room and level of security.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire Mesh Security Cage Configuration elaborates on the fact that how to erect a specific wire mesh structure as per your needs or use. These cages are made of interconnected wire mesh panels and post.

Following are the selection criteria for creating wire partition cage

  • 1 Side partitions if you have 3 side wall . OR
  • 2 Side partitions if you have 2 side wall OR
  • 3 side partitions if you have 1 side wall OR
  • 4 side partition if you have no wall support.
  • Select Roof panel
  • Select Shelving,
  • Select Service wicket Window
  • Select Locking from Padlock hasp , cylinder lock, door handles, card access control
  • Select Finish from paint, powder coating, galvanized

Door Options are:

  •  Swing Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Dutch Door

Wire Mesh Locker

Our wire mesh lockers are the durable, practical and multi-purpose solution for converting any space into a secure storage.custom steel wire mesh lockers for apartment tenant, school students, workplace employee . Wire Mesh Lockers are ideal for storing almost anything and they can offer both employees and employers the benefit of high visual security as well as easy cleaning. Our wire mesh condo locker is the ultimate economical storage solution, allowing air to circulate and light to penetrate fully.We manufacture storage mesh lockers and security lockers. Custom wire mesh locker design can be made with customer requirements in mind . It is ideal visible storage for equipment, tools, inventory, or other valuable items. Our 2" x 2" welded wire lockers are for high-security, heavy duty applications.

GlassEssential® Wire Mesh lockers are an effective, useful and space saving storage solution meant for employees in workplace, students in educational Institute, Day Care Center or as storage in Garage space. These Wire lockers are mainly used for storage and drying of clothes and stuffs for the workers and people  moving from one place to another place or engaged in construction, mine development, coal development, etc.

On the other, Property managers, realtors or landlords in Apartment Building can offer these lockers as an added benefit to potential tenants. 

Another variation called Condominium – or Condo lockers with secured self-storage option with personalized access in addition to actual condo (closets, shelving, etc.) or tenant storage lockers is also available. It can be a great option for those who rent their homes as well as want to keep their personal belongings safely kept in a secure locker space.

From usability purview, these lockers are sturdy and made of heavy duty steel frame and its Tubular wire mesh provides more strength than traditional wire partitions. Tubular posts are pre-welded to the pre-punched base plates for easy installation. Added security is provided by welding the mesh at each intersection of the wires.
    • An effective, useful and space saving storage solution.
    • Heavy Duty storage locker.
    • Heavy-Duty 2”x2”x10 gauge welded wire mesh construction. 
    • Roll-formed angle frame to support pre-hung doors c/w hasp/latch for padlock. 
    • Easy to assemble with modular panels. Standard height is 90”on all units. 
    • Optional Two tier designs allows for center solid or wire mesh shelf. 
    • Optional roof and back assembly sold separately.
    • Wire mesh welded at every intersection on panels and the doors providing more security.
    • Easy access and use with reinforced swinging door.
    • Painted with baked Grey, Blue or black.
    • Long lasting durability and enhanced protection against corrosion.
    • Secure, spot welded wires at every intersection allows for added strength and security.
    • Easy to install as all components are pre-punched; no special tools required.
    • Wire Mesh Storage
    • Wire Mesh Locker
    • Wire Mesh Cabinet
    • Wire Mesh Closet

Wire Container

Wire Mesh Containers and Carts :

GlassEssential ® Wire Mesh Containers and carts with varied designs for custom applications signify easiest material handling and inventory procedure. These containers are made of heavy duty steel, painted or galvanized after welding and feature collapsible or stackable option for easy storage, transport and floor space saving.

Wire Mesh Rolling Container and Stackable Stocking Carts:

  • Customized, flexible, space saving material handing solution.
  • Made of heavy duty steel frame.
  • Long lasting durability and enhanced protection against corrosion.
  • Secure, spot welded wires at every intersection allows for added strength and security.
  • Heavy-Duty 2”x2”x10 gauge welded wire mesh construction. 
  • Fully customizable in size according to clients’ needs and preferences.

Customized solutions and applications: 

  • We make client specific steel rolling carts for heavy-duty manufacturing applications.
  • Stackable and Non Stackable storage containers.
  • Collapsible, Non Collapsible container fordifferent
  • Customized Rolling Carts for Highly productive material flow.

Wire Pallet Rack Enclosure

Completely Enclose your Pallet Rack system and secure inventory! . Stop inventory theft, secure product “where it sits,” which is what wire security rack enclosures doesPallet rack enclosure end panels are attached to the pallet rack end with flush mount. It surrounds pallet rack with wire panels.Pallet Rack and Bulk Rack Enclosure are Loss Prevention tools,Turn existing pallet rack into a secure storage area. Secure inventory and the contents of existing pallet racks while preventing inventory shrinkage.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Pallet Rack Enclosures secure inventory and the contents of existing pallet racks and prevent the theft of stored warehouse items. Existing warehouse or factory pallet racks can be completely enclosed with standard wire mesh panels and doors to secure and control high value inventory. Pallet Rack Enclosures will control access and help prevent theft of your high value inventory items.Our modular wire mesh panels are quick to install and are made stronger than competing pallet rack enclosing systems. Security officers and loss prevention specialists prefer our wire mesh Partitions for securing valuable items in bulk storage or on pallet racks.


  • Welded wire construction provides better protection
  • Panels are constructed of 2" x 2" x 10 gauge welded wire mesh completely framed in 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 13 gauge steel angle.
  • Panels are either 4'-0" or 5'-0" tall by 1'-0" to 12'-0" wide.
  • Many stock and custom sizes are available.
  • Stack two or more panels to reach full rack height.
  • Panels attach directly to rack with mounting brackets.
  • Panels can be mounted directly on the rack, or to posts
  • For standalone system, Panels can be mounted to support posts.
  • Back panels are also attached directly to the rack with angle clips.
  • Multiple mounting points on ends of each panel.
  • Three different mounting clips that allow an offset which ranges from flush mount (or no offset) up to 6".
  • Offset clips come in lengths up to 12" long which allows you to mount panels between back-to-back rows of pallet racks, providing a strong and secure wall to two rows of rack simultaneously.
  • In order to convert existing pallet racks into a secure storage enclosure, doors are required for the front of pallet rack.
  • Select from sliding or hinged type doors.
  • Hinged Doors constructed of 2" x 2" x 10 gauge welded wire mesh.
  • Hinged Doors completely framed in 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 13 gauge steel angle, two 1/4" x 3/4" horizontal stiffeners across the width, and two diagonal 1/4" x 3/4" stiffeners from door center to the corner securely welded in place.
  • Hinged doors shall be equipped with padlock lugs.
  • Sliding Doors Shall be constructed of the 2" x 2" x 10 gauge welded wire mesh.
  • Sliding Doors Shall be completely framed in 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 13 gauge steel angle, two 1/4" x 3/4" horizontal stiffeners across the width, and two vertical 1/4" x 3/4" stiffeners from center of door to door top or bottom, securely welded in place. Sliding doors shall be equipped with two 4 wheel trolley trucks, 1 7/8" x 2 3/8" door track, pad lock lugs, and door keeper assembly.
  • Sliding doors may be the most popular type of pallet rack enclosure door. Sliding doors also mount directly to the pallet rack uprights, and are sized from 8'-0" x 8'-0" up to 12'-0" x 20'-0" high.
  • We can manufacture double-hinge doors up to 12'-0" wide x 20'-0" high.
  • Doors can be mounted directly to the rack, or in some instances mounted on posts installed adjacent to the rack.
  • On oversized doors, we provide our own door posts that are attached directly to the rack uprights in the field.
  • Posts shall be made of 2" x 2" x 14 gauge steel tubing. Base plates made of 2" x 7" x 1/4" steel flat with two 7/16" round holes for anchoring, shall be welded to each tube.
  • Posts are factory drilled with pilot holes to accept self tapping screws for mounting panels.
  • Can be made heavier duty or tighter control than our standard 2" x 2" mesh.-other meshes available on order.
  • All hardware needed for installation, including floor anchors shall be plated and are furnished as standard.
  • Select from standard colors of Blue, Black and grey.
  • Fully customizable according to clients’ needs and preferences.
  • Secure, spot welded wires at every intersection allows for added strength and security.

Vending Machine Guard

Vending Machine Security Guard
Our Wire mesh Vending machine security Guard provides prevention of break and theft protection to vending machine.GLASSESSENTIAL® Vending Machine Guard is a cost-effective welded wire mesh barrier to protect your vending machine from any smash, break-in or grabbing of Vending Machine. For optimum defense hardened high grade heavy duty steel wire mesh used in this security guard .


  • Strong, decorative and cost-effective barrier to protect your Vending Machine.
  • 2" X 2" Wire Mesh Panel structure
  • Hardened high grade heavy duty steel for optimum strength.
  • Premium surface finish with special powder coating for extra smoothness and shine.
  • Special surface treatment to protect from rust.
  • Stronger welded structure.
  • Available in different color variations.
  • Can be customized to your needs.
 Prevent of break and theft of items from vending machine !! Get Vending machine security guard panel today,

Fire Hose Storage

Fire Hose Storage
GLASSESSENTIAL® Fire Hose Storage is a very useful and effective for stacking up the weighty fire hose pipes in shop floor.Used to protect fire hose. Fire Hose Reels Storage Racks.


  • A well built steel structure with angular pattern racks.
  • Very handy for handling weighty hose pipes.
  • Caster wheels for easy movement.
  • Very easy to move
  • easy to storage
  • flexible to use during emergency situation

Stacking Storage Bin Container

Stacking Storage Bin Container
GlassEssential stacking storage rack is designed and manufactured as customer’s requirement. Universally used for storing various products and parts in industries.


  • Customized to desired size and specific use.
  • A well built steel structure with two wire mesh racks.
  • Strong welded hardy structure.
  • Space Savings Material storage and handling
  • Very handy for stacking purpose.
  • Specially designed for easy movement.
  • stacking up tools, equipments, materials and other essential things

Mobile Container Storage Unit

GlassEssential® Custom manufactures Mobile Storage cabinet with one big store-well unit with multiple small storage chambers and racks with variant designs and customized sizes as per the clients’ needs and specifications. It is secured, spacious and compact easy accessible storage solution that is perfect to use across industries or commercial applications for storing materials, products, tools, equipments or other essential things.


  • A heavy duty steel structure with multiple racks and chambers.
  • Spotless welding for optimum strength.
  • Easy accessible and multipurpose use.
  • Safe and secured with additional locking system.
  • Premium surface finish with corrosion free treatment.

Propane Storage Cage

Propane Storage Cage
GLASSESSENTIAL® Propane Storage Cage is made of Wire Mesh panels to store and protect Propane .GlassEssential custom make propane cylinder storage cage for retailer and industrial consumer. We custom manufacture Propane Cylinder Storage, Gas Cylinder Storage. Secure and protect flammable liquids and gases with LP, gas and propane tank storage cages.Our propane cages are all made with heavy duty wire mesh sides with a durable angle frameromote safety and protect yourself and your customers by insisting that all cylinders be safely stored in an ASM cylinder cages. Our cylinder cages make compliance with NFPA and OSHA .

Propane Storage Cage is a safe, secured and welded wire mesh unit with front door and stable base with customized sizes or designs.


  • Useful and safe Propane Cylinder Storage solution.
  • Gas (Propane) Cylinder cage comes with 2” x 2” wire mesh with a front door.
  • Standard Gas Cylinder Cage size: 48" Wide X 48" Depth X 74" High.
  • Customization is done as per clients’ specifications.
  • Provision of Gas Cylinder Cabinet with a middle shelf.
  • The top and bottom base of cage is made of heavy duty sheet metal.
  • Components are painted with one coat of our standard electrostatic enamel safety yellow color.
  • Powder Coated or galvanized as Optio

Price : $ 1050.00 + Freight+ Tax

Ship Ladder With CatWalk

Ship ladder and catwalk to access roof hatch. Custom Engineered Steel Catwalk System with ladders and Landing. GlassEssential® specializes in the design and fabrication of custom platforms, stairways, catwalks, and ladders using steel. Our Ships Ladder is an ideal solution for mezzanine access or, when combined with a Precision Roof Hatch, for roof access from interior of building. We custom make from high quality quality steel for each different requirement, we use high quality stringers, thread, hand rail with Galvanized or powder coat finish.

Made of heavy duty premium steel with flexible, customizable designs, this product serves as an essential access connection bridge for using ship deck, roof or mezzanine floor.


  • Solid Metal Construction.
  • High Strength Welding.
  • Customizable design.
  • Durable.
  • Ship Ladder Used for Roof Access.
  • Ship Ladder Used Mezzanine Access.
  • Ship ladder for Deck Access.

Deckplate and Stair Tread Materials Include:

  • Diamond Plate
  • Steel Bar Grate
  • Fiberglass Bar Grate

Ramp for Dock Door

Ramp for Dock Door
GlassEssential loading dock equipment to help you efficiently load/unload semi-trailers. We manufacture durable line of Loading Dock Equipment.We are canada's leading Supplier of ram for dock door. Our ramp  allow traffic from the ground up into a truck bed or from the dock level down to the ground.Create access of forklift to outside from dock door with GlassEssential® Ramp for Dock Door. It is a perfect industrial solution for Forklift access and made of high grade steel following customized needs as per the application and access route.


  • Solid Steel Construction Ramp for Forklift access.
  • Additional safety Railings for better accessibility.
  • Easy Access to outside through Dock Door.
  • Application specific design.
  • Useful for material handling activity.

MailBox Security Cage

GlassEssential Mailbox Security Cage Providing a solution to costly repeat mail theft.stop identity theft! protect your id with proper mailbox enclosures. impenetrable!!!.Each mailbox security cage includes a keyed door. We manufactures custom mail Box security cage with strong wire mesh interface or barrier to protect your Mail Box with full-proof security. Built with hardened high grade wire mesh panel, this guard prevents any act of smash or break-in.


  • Custom designed to protect your Mail Box.
  • Expanded Metal mesh or Wire Mesh Panel structure with locking system.
  • Hardened high grade steel for optimum strength.
  • Premium surface finish protecting from rust.
  • Strong welded structure.
  • Available in different color variations.
  • Can be customized as per your needs.

Custom Stairs

We, design, manufacturer, and install custom size steel stairs. Stairs can be the focal point of any building. Beautifully designed and handcrafted staircases make a lasting first impression and create an inviting atmosphere. GLASSESSENTIAL® Custom metal stairways for buildings are widely used in industries and residential applications. Custom designed and and made of heavy duty premium steel structure with stable base and railings, elegant, effective style and look depending on use, these stairs come with variant shapes, sizes and designs as per needs and application areas .We are steel custom staircase and railing manufacturer that has built a strong relationship with customers and builders throughout GTA
Custom size stairs and landing to fit in a loading area.

Custom size stairs and landing
to fit in a loading area.
Standard stairs and landing to reach mezzanine level.

Standard stairs and landing
to reach mezzanine level.
Powder Coated Stair for Outdoor Building Use

Powder Coated Stair for
Outdoor Building Use
Outside complete stairs and landing set for mid-rise apartment complex.

Outside complete stairs and landing set
for mid-rise apartment complex.
Stairs and railings to replace damaged concrete ones at townhouse units.

Stairs and railings to replace damaged
concrete ones at townhouse units.


  • Hardened high grade steel structure for durability and strength.
  • Strong neatly welded structure.
  • Premium surface finish protecting from rust.
  • Can be customized as per your needs.
  • We, design, manufacture and install stairs with different requirements.

Tool Box

Tool Box
We custom manufacture Wire mesh Tool box with different shapes and sizes.


  • Custom made to your requirement.
  • Made with Wire mesh and steel.
  • Opens from fron side.
  • two Locks for security.
  • coating with standard colors of paint.

Access Dolly Platform

Access Dolly
We custom manufacture wire mesh Access Dolly Platform for reaching restricted  area with and safe access.


  • Custom made access dolly for safe movement of personnel .
  • Generally lifted by forklift
  • Provide access to hard to reach areas
  • Metal frame to provide sturdiness
  • Painted in Safety Yellow color
  • Can be made as per your drawing

Truck Box

Truck Box
We custom manufacture Expanded metal Truck Box in various size for storage during traveling.


  • Made of Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Opens from Top
  • Wheels on bottom to help moving the box
  • Easier to storage tools and other item inside truck
  • useful for trades persons
  • can be made lockable
  • Painted with rust resistant standard colors.

Stock Cart

Stock Cart-1
Stock Cart-2
We custom manufacture expanded metal mesh stocking cart with two and three side options.


  • Custom made Expanded Metal Stock Cart
  • Thress Sided or Two Sided.
  • Shelivgs as per custom order.
  • Painted with standard black, blue, grey or Safety colors
  • Wheels on four side

Water Pumping Station Door

Water Pumping Station Door

  • Made of 2" X 2" Welded Wire mesh and steel.
  • Two Swing bi-parting Doors locks in middle.
  • Post on two side.
  • Gavnised for rust protection.
  • Intermediate support welded  steel flat bar.
  • Custom made to size.

CCTV Protection Guard

cctv protection guard

  • Custom Products for Surveillance Camera
  • 2" X 2" Wire mesh construction
  • 5 Side Protection
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Security Camera Enclosure
  • Tabs for surface mounting
  • Painted for rust protection
  • CCTV Enclosure Guard

Garage Storage Locker

GlassEssential custom manufacture wire mesh storage boxes for garage to mount overhead so cars can easily park and no space will be blocked on floor

Features :

  • Made of 10 gauge weleded Steel Wire mesh
  • Size: 6'Wide X 24" Deep X 24" Height
  • Double slide gates in front
  • Bottom panel is reinforced.
  • Overhead mounts in garage
  • saves space on floor of garage
  • secure storage for your household items
  • Standard enamel paint for rust protection: black. blue, grey
  • Min Order Size :50
  • Price for Min Order Size(50) : $ 420 + tax FOB our Factory per unit