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    Largest Selection of Door Security Products

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We manufacture physical security solutions to keep your family safe & sound. Shop a variety of quality door security products patio door security gate, front door security grille, door duard, door security gate, automatic door closer,commercial door security gate, residential door security gate. Our products works as strong physical barrier for protection of door windows.

Our Door Security Products includes:

  • Front Door Security gate for Commercial.
  • Residential Front Door Security Gate.
  • Storm Door .
  • Screen Door with Ornamental security Gate.
  • Patio Door Security Gate.
  • Grizzly bar for Commercial Exit Door Security.
  • Garden Security gate
  • Automatic Door Closer


Patio Door Security Gate

Patio Door Security Gate
Security Gate for Commercial Entrance Door

Security Gate for Commercial Entrance Door
Security Gate for Residential Door

Security Gate for Residential Door
Decorative Storm Door

Decorative Storm Door
Expanded Metal Door Grille

Expanded Metal Door Grille
Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Opener
Grizzly Exit Door Security Bar

Grizzly Exit Door Security Bar
Garden Gate

Garden Gate
Security Screen Storm Door

Security Screen Storm Door

Patio Door Security Gate

Patio Door Security gates - home owners love these Security gate  for Sliding Patio Doors  since they can have the gate locked and still have the patio door open for fresh air.Safeguard your home with our security gate for patio door against burglary and force entry.

Patio door are either sliding door type double door or french door swing open door. Large area of patio door are made of glass and therby providing more liberty to intruders for break and enter. Securing patio door is an essential requirement to prevent  entry  .We offer solid steel welded designer patio door gate. Our gate are generally made in two section. one section is fixed and another section is swing open. We can also make both section swing open thrugh our special hinge system. For French door , We can make two swing door opens and locks in middle. For more than 2 door , we can manufacture one door fixed in middle and two doors in side swings open.Door Knob and cylinder key lock option available for extra security.

To offer rust proof surface, oxidized paints are applied which ensures that a smooth and clean exterior. Colors include white, brown and black. Grilles are also available as an outdoor option. They are available in different dimensions as ordered by the buyers. These gates are available in varied styles as per the purpose of the application area.


  • Made of Solid Steel with rust resistant paint
  • Fully framed and welded product
  • Bi- Folding Option with hinge in middle for Sliding Patio Door Security
  • Bi-Parting (Double Door) Option for French type Patio Door to lock door in middle.
  • One side fix and One Side Swing open for Sliding doors
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint for Outside Weather
  • Different locking options available : Door Knob with 2 Sided Cylinder Key Lock
  • Designer Scrolls are added for better aesthetics
  • Custom Designs also available.

Standard Patio Door Security Gates Models

Cosmopolitan Patio Door Security Gate ($1020 )

  • ½” Tube Pickets (5” Space)
  • Dead Bolt Lock box 1-3/8” back set
  • Hinged left or right (1/2 of gate is Fixed )
  • Recess of Surface Mount
  • Prime painted Patio Door Security Gate
  • Choice Of Colors
  • Barn Door or Bi-fold add $ 250
  • S Scroll add $35.00 each
  • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
  • Just one of our models shown. Colours available Black, Brown or White. Other colours by request.

Colonial Patio Door Security Gate ( $1210 )

Arizona Patio Door Security Gate($ 1320 )

Cochrane Patio Door Security Gate ($ 1125 )

Jackson Patio Door Security Gate ( $ 1125 )

Portland Patio Door Security Gate ($ 1320 )

Security Gate for Residential Door

Durability and ultimate security , Our Security Gate doors are constructed with extra-strong hardened steel and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our Security gate allow care free ventilation and air flow inside residence..GlassEssential security gate for home  is made of high quality craftsmen with  a variety of decorative designs and colours. Enhance the appearance of your home while providing security and peace of mind. Heavy gauge steel in making security gate ensures the most reliable protection against intruders.

These gates are designed to provide compete protection with contemporary designs soldered on them. Locks are fitted on, so no unnecessary steps need to be taken. Three colors are available namely white, brown and black but on request other colors are also accessible. Two different security systems are available; an s scroll or double cylinder dead bolts lock. The standard size measures 80” by 36”.


  • Made of Heavy duty corrosion resistant steel
  • Adds deterrance to residential front door.
  • Provides security and airflow while you are at home
  • Availability in a variety of designs and models
  • New Contemporary and innovative style 
  • Designer Scrolls added for better aesthetics and appealing looks
  • Dead bolt cylinder lock with knob for optional security
  • Std Colors: Brown, black and white.

Model & Designs For Door Security Gate

  • residential decorative security door gate

    Price : $610


    • S Scroll Add $ 35.00 Each
    • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock 
  • Price : $ 550

    Options :

    • S Scroll Add $ 35.00 Each
    • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
  • residential decorative security door gate-2

    Price : $525


    • S Scroll Add $ 35.00 Each
    • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
  • Price: $ 525

    • S Scroll Add $ 35.00 Each
    • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
  • residential decorative security door gate-3
    Price : $ 490

    • S Scroll Add $ 35.00 Each
    • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
    • 4 Scroll Shown in Picture(Optional)
  • Price : $ 465
  • Door Security Scroll 35-1
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  • Door Security Scroll 35-2
    Each 35/2 is 8 inches wide and 13 1/2 inches long and fits over the 1/2" vertical bar.
  • Door Security Scroll 37-3
    Each 37/3 is 3 3/4 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches long and fits over the 1/2" vertical bar.

Expanded Metal Door Grille

Expanded Metal mesh Door Grille are made of high qualty steel provide ultimate protection and custom-made to fit on windows of the doors. The grilles prevent door lock opening from outside by intruders.

The key features of these Expanded Metal Door Grille are as follows:

  • Made of 16 gauge Expanded metal mesh.
  • Completely framed product by 1 " Steel Flat bar
  • "Z" tab at 4 sides to keep stand off mounting from door glass.
  • Prevent  Burglaries by resisting intruders from breaking glass and open door lock.
  • Prevent Glass Breakage from one side.
  • Custom Made to fit your Door Glass size.
  • Affordable to homeowners and business owners.
  • Std.Colors include black, and white. Other colors available on request.
  • Offers low cost permanent deteraance from robberies.
  • Retain coated colors and offer optimum satisfaction to the customer’s demand.
  • Metal coverings do not limit application to doors and windows.
  • Also used for Door  sidelight windows.
  • Potential to  use as partition door for hinged applications.
  • Anti corrosion paint coats.

Standard sizes:
  • 24 inches by 24 inches
  • 24 inches by 36 inches 
  • Custom Size(Provide Glass with frame measurement- See Worksheet below)
Apart from these measurements, other dimensions of grilles are also available, on custom made orders.

Grizzly Exit Door Security Bar

Model Description Price CAD $
Single Door Out Opening Reinforcing kit (Grizzly bars)
Single Door In Opening Reinforcing kit (Grizzly bars)
Double Door Out Opening Reinforcing kit (Grizzly bars)
Double Door In Opening Reinforcing kit (Grizzly bars)

Grizzly bar- exit door security bar for commercial  exit door suitable for a variety of door applications including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors. Our security door bars are manufactured to the most common door sizes  and available for Out swing and In swing doors. We custom make to fit standard door size.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Grizzly Bars are for reinforcement of commercial back door or exit door in storefront and offices. It is a versatile as they provide protection from a number of mishaps. Applications include double and single back doors.

Whenever any force is applied on these bars , It deters residential or commercial buildings from the unnatural entry.

Grizzly bar- exit door security bar Features:
  • Made from quality extruded Aluminum.
  • Fit perfectly  for commercial fire exit door or back door.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Reinforcement for back door to provided added security.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Optimum usage guaranteed.

Security Screen Storm Door

Our Security Screen Storm Doors are made from a high Quality steel for high security and superiro coating prevents from rust and corrosion. Our storm doors are designed while keeping customer security and satisfaction our utmost priority.

The doors have aluminum frames and grilles. The heavy duty doors are available in standard size. Standard size is 36” by 80”. Storm doors provide excellent ventilation and are relatively easy to install. Two designs are available; one with 2 window panes and another with one. Security locks are also attached to the doors and for better insulation, function rubber wipes are attached at the bottom.


  • Made with Aluminum frames and decorative grilles Security Screen Storm Door
  • Standard size : 36” by 80”.
  • Two glass windows & One screen window.
  • Inbuilt Strong Dead Bolt Lock with knob
  • Rust and corrosion proof protection layer
  • Two Layer Brush Seal
  • Five Strong Hinges to secure with door frame
  • Provides additional insulation in heating and cooling seasons
  • Lighweight easy to use
  • Easy installation. Easy DIY Project.
  • Superior materials used in manufacturing
  • Price : $ 800 +Shipping +Applicable Taxes

To place an order or for more information talk to a GLASSESSENTIAL ® associate today.

Security Gate for Commercial Entrance Door

GLASSESSENTIAL® Security Door Gates for commercial application offer easy to use doors that have secured lock systems and grilles that will provide thorough ventilation.

Quality steel is used to manufacture the gates. These doors have swing in and out features and security locks are installed. The standard size of these doors is 36 inches in width and 80 inches in length, other dimensions can be custom made available upon request.


  • Made of Steel Tuning and Rods
  • Proides  High security
  • Optional with Cylinder deadbolt lock and knob
  • Rust resistant paint coated
  • Available in standard single door size.
  • Also custom made to fit other dimensions
  • Available with swing and swing out features
  • Easy to install and provides long term services
  • Affordable


Single Door Gate : $800 + Shipping+ Tax

Lock : 2 sided Cylinder Lock : $83+ Tax

Decorative Storm Door

Cosmoplitan Model

GlassEssential Storm door  provides security, weather protection and durability you expect in storm doors with the beauty and style you want for your home.Our Storm door provides Beauty, durability, security and an energy efficient house.

Looking for a complete package in security doors which includes protection and appeal? GLASSESSENTIAL® Decorative Storm Doors are the ideal choice. Our Storm doors are a perfect combination of the elegance of wrought iron, the guaranteed security of hardened steel and the ventilating effects of glass storm or screen doors. Our Storm doors enhance the appearance of any establishment and strike an appeal.

  • Tough, with lifetime durability
  • Easy to install 
  • Supplied in one, two and three folds
  • Lock systems installed before hand
  • Security from natural disasters, robbery
  • Consists of a glass screen which bring light to the interiors
  • Available in three styles architectural and contemporary security storm door, classic or art deco security storm door and ornamental or Victorian security storm door
  • Choice of more than 50 styles, 10 colors custom door designs and accessories (other designs and colors available on recommendation)
  • Constructed with extra-strong hardened steel, with your choice of stainless steel or brass super-strong locks and hinges
  • Allows the fresh weather make your room ventilated and refreshing
  • Assurance of security
  • Save energy by ventilating your home the natural way; day or night. Turn off your air conditioner and all extra lights when not in use; remember - 'every kilowatt counts'!
  • Recommendation and endorsement by the Police Crime Prevention Dept, and the Neighborhood Watch program; also a valued member of 'Crime Concern'.

Thousands of our satisfied customers / homeowners have valued our advice on designs, free estimates, home security assessments, and interactive feedback.

Architectural / Contemporary Security Storm Door

  • 14 architectural styles; customization as per needs
  • Screen Door with clean dramatic lines
  • Door with steel and tempered glass for security

Classic / Art Deco Security Storm Door

  • 19 classic styles of Security Doors
  • Decorative, elegant yet simple Security Doors
  • One of our most popular door styles

Ornamental / Victorian Security Storm Door

  • 20 ornamental styles
  • Lavish detail
  • Storm Door with complex pattern and security

Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Opener allows doors to open and close automatically without much effort of the users.
Automatic swing door opener automatically shut the door mechanically after a certain period of time. The swing doors are available in four different types like the in swing left, in swing right, out swing left and out swing right. This door opener can be applied to all types of residential doors whether wood, metal, glass, aluminum and more. These auto swing door machines are operated with electricity and in the case of a power outage, the doors can be used manually. When the door is operated an audio warning is generated which provides a precaution to the users who are near the door.

For increased efficiency and accessibility to users, three types of operation modes can be set, as demanded by the application area, such as toggle operation, open and close operation and timer operation. Remote controls are also provided with the purchase of these machines and it can read approximately 16 remote controls, simultaneously.

This product is certified under CETL 325, IC, ETL 325(UL 325), CE and FCC, which adds to the longevity of the equipments. These automatic swing door openers are available in three different models, DM-50, DM-100 and DM-150. DM-50 is perfect for the interior doors and is operated by remote controls. DM- 100 is also the absolute solution for interior doors and functions by remote controls and electromagnetic locks. DM- 150 is a complete solution provider for front doors, interior doors, garage swing doors and side doors.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Automatic Swing Door Openers are an excellent solution provider for offices, houses, supermarkets, washroom and other commercial sectors. These doors are used to satisfy the needs of the customers. They are affordable and efficient.

The openers are resistant to wear and tear. They have several other features that are surely the main reasons of their great demands.

Such features include: 

  • The plastic covering of these automatic swing door machines are available in two colors.
  • Remote controls are provided with each pack of these automatic swing machines.
  • The motor systems consume less energy, which saves the increasing electricity bills.
  • The openers swing to a limit of 90 lbs and are 36 inches in width.
  • Lock systems are also attached to some product models like MC- 201 and ES-201.
  • Door openers can be easily used by the physically challenged persons.
  • They are approved by the trusted certified companies which assures the absolute usage of the products.
  • These openers operate through electricity in case of no power; they can be used manually as well.
  •  Affordable price.

Garden Gate

Make your back yrad and garden  more secure with our gareden gate  which  could prevent an intruder from getting into your home, Solid steel Welded construction with aesthetically pleasing design  makes our garden gate most appealing to home owners.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Garden Gates gives you a complete solution that comprises of style and security; a matchless impressive decor for your Back yard garden entrance.

Features :

  • Made of Steel .
  • Strong yet light.
  • Provided deterance against gaining entry from side and back yard of house.
  • Hinged on one side and hasp on other.
  • Decorative designs.
  • Easily installed.
  • Customize to your design and size
  • Use of ornamental metal and wrought iron.
  • Not easily prone to rust; smooth layer for long duration.

Prevent access to your property with solid steel garden security gate with locks.