Fixed and Removable Aluminum Window Security Bars Kit from

Aluminum Window Bars are made of Architectural Grade Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6063.It is available in Two Finish : White and Clear Anodized. We Custom Cut to fit into Client's Window Opening Sizes. It can be make as fixed mount or removable mount with locks on both side of window opening.We can make in spacing of 9" X 9" and 9" x 12 " Opening. It is made in just 4 days and shipped across north america. Call us today at 1-877-874-6321 or visit us at for more information.

Create room or Cage by Wire Mesh Partition

Wire Mesh Partitions create secure and practical space out of thin air. custom wire-mesh-partitions systems FROM WIREMESHSECURITY.COM are made to measure, ensuring you get the size and configuration you need for corner, 3-sided, or fully self-enclosed installations. Ideal for small and large warehouses, construction sites, welded security cages for retail, DEA cages and more, WIREMESHSECURITY.COM'S partitions are engineered to last.

How Folding Gate can keep your property Windows and doors secure?

To make your property secure, Installing folding gate on your window and doors is one of the essential security steps to keep intruders out. Folding security gates are easy to install, offer a high level of protection against break ins, and look good. Folding gate permanently attaches to the sides of an door and window and has a drop pin in the middle for extra stability. It can be used as pair folding gate for wider opening. It can be pivoted on vertical gate rails when an opening is necessary. Here's all you need to know about boosting windows and doors and doors security with folding gates.
If you've ever been the victim of a break in, or seen it happen to a relative, friend or neighbour, you know what a devastating occurrence it can be. Not only is there the loss of valuable possessions but also the mess to clear up, the lingering fear, the tedious hours spent at police stations, and the sense of violation. The sad fact is, though, that most burglaries would never have happened if the property owner had taken some precautions by boosting window and door security, for instance.

How to secure your property with Window Security Bars, Affordably . . .

In North America, Glass Door and Window is most commonly used for residential and commercial property. Glass is used most part all building projects. Glass is easy to break and enter. Thieves, burglars and robbers are taking advantage of glass window and doors. They Break the Glass, Open the door and enter to vandalize the property .Recent Study on government statistics, With Economy slowing down, more and more attempts of burglary occurs in each state and province of USA and Canada.

Traditionally People use good quality locks and alarm system to secure the home. Professional Burglars are gaining entry by opening the lock by screw drivers or credit card. The other alternative for them is to break the glass and enter. Alarm System only works after the burglar get into the property. In Most recent cases, the burglars get out before police arrive on the scene. Burglars do burglary in approximately 20 minutes.

Glass and Security is Everything

Glass is an essential and critical part of almost all building and design projects. It stands to reason, than, that long-term protection and care of glass surfaces is a worthy investment. Select the right Security bars and Security film for your windows, Rolling Grille, Rolling Shutter and side folding sliding grille for your commercial and residential applications, Folding Security Gate for Retail Store Window Security or as Barrier gate,Window Films for Sun Glare and heat Protection and Privacy, Wire Mesh cage and Security Cabinets for Warehouse Inventory, Security Alarm System and Surveillance camera for Electronic Security of your home and Business.

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