Secure your property with Window Bars and Door Security Gate

“Peoples have a number of tools available to them to increase security including window security bar, locks for doors and digital locks. For more information on security bars, Security Gate and Mortise locks, contact”

Security is a concern for most people these days but a secure home can still be an attractive one with a wide range of security doors, screens and grilles available that will blend in perfectly with your home. No matter which option you end up choosing, you should always keep security doors and screens locked, even when you are at home

Consider fitting windows security bars or grilles to your outbuildings, sheds and garages as they building often get neglected when it comes to home security. Most people often have expensive cars, tools; gardening equipment and machinery in these buildings so you will want to equality protect these building like you do for your house.

Today, even the most security-conscious of businesses are finding that they have to take additional steps to protect their premises and business data. Once broken into, the cost of repairing the damage and loss of data is often overwhelming and totally disruptive to all involved.

Whether you are a home or business owner, take a simple cost-effective step now and review your vulnerable window areas and install physical security protection to reduce the risk of being burgled.

By installing window security bars you will vastly reduce the chances of burglar intrusion as they offer both a visual and physical restraint which will deter the burglar thus making them move on to easier pickings. deals with the best products in the Window Bars for Residential and Commercial Clients. We Provide professionally installed Window bars often called Burglar bars or Security bars. Window Bars are placed over windows, have become common in many cities around the country as crime increases. It is observed that many people are more afraid of being victims of crime than of being victims of a fire.

ABOUT US: Started its operation from Guelph, ON in 2005. Company is Canada's fastest-growing specialty retailer and e-tailer of Window Security Films and Security Products. offers consumers a unique shopping experience with the latest Products and best security at the right price, with a no-pressure (non-commissioned) sales environment.
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Wire Mesh Paratitions from

Wire Mesh Partitions custom manufactured by can be used to create separate, yet visible, areas for hazardous materials, tools, maintenance supplies, inventory, electrical equipment and more.

wire mesh partitions from offer an interchangeable system that can be relocated or expanded to accommodate any special requirements. The system is a versatile and simple solution to securing areas for greater access control. 

Window Bars : Law Enforcement compatible

New, All in One Window Bars launched.

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Windows and Doors are also most critical point of any #home and business Intrusion. One can get peace of mind for securing residential and commercial property by one simple and low cost way is to install security bars. #Windowbars are often regarded as fixed #window #grille made of steel which permanently stays on window. It can cause severe problems during emergency exit in incidents like fire or emergency., a Guelph, ON based window and door #Security Company launched a window bars which can be opened from the occupants inside when they need #emergency exit or fire exit...

These window bars are called as #removable window bars. The Technical excellence of these window bars is having its telescopic design which can be easily fit into any window opening so home owners do not need to make expensive custom made window bars. The value added features of this window bars is that it is having hinges so home owners can easily swing it open and clean their windows to make their home clean and tidy looking. One of the most desirable requirements of home owners is solid security so #thieves cannot get into their home and do not steal their property. The #expandable, Removable and #Hinged window bars have an Anti tempered locking feature which can help to create a solid security. The looks and aesthetics of window bars are very pleasing as it is powder coated to withstand tough weather conditions. Finally this window bars provided the answer with all functional features required for home and business security. The unique design allows window security bars to meet local municipal regulations.

In a recent Ontario neighborhood watch program, company CEO Mr Shah explained and assured home owners for creating more value added products for their home security and safe neighborhood programs. He also asked the home owners and business owners to select the right products for their window security

The cost of Removable window bars starts from $ 50.00. Order can be placed online from the company’s website: or by calling 24/7 toll free number 1-877-874-6321

With over years of experience and one of the largest collections of products in North America for window and door security, is dedicated to providing the best security products for all types of windows. Company’s goal is to provide Home owners and Business Owners with quick and easy means in helping to find the window guard or security bar for door and window. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, east coast, west coast or an island, we have the right product for your application

Planning for Vacation ?

Enjoy Vacations and Have Safe home !!


As the weather turns colder, snowbirds are locking up their homes and heading off for a more pleasant clime. Others are flying across the country to visit loved ones for the holidays. Our daily lives are filled with numerous, necessary (and sometimes unnecessary) activities: work, school, trips to the grocery etc..
That is why a getaway with the family is a perfect solution to busy lives that limit time with our loved ones. When you’re away, it’s just you and the family.Vacations can be a Great Educational Experience for Kids and it improves mental health. Vacations are memory for lifetime !! Whenever you choose to get away, your pre-trip preparations should include home-security measures, so you won't leave the family's most expensive possession -- your home -- vulnerable to burglars.

Keeping your home safe while you're away

Here are some safety and security tip to consider while you plan to go for vacations:

  • Inform a neighbor of your departure and return dates;
  • Where possible, cancel or redirect your mail and deliveries. Alternatively, have a neighbor collect these items;
  • Arrange to have your lawn cut and walkways cleared;
  • Use timers to activate lights at various intervals.
  • Don't keep keys under your door mat
  • Give your emergency contact telephone number to your neighbor.
  • Have Surveillance Camera installed and with it's smart phone app, monitor your home while you are away
  • Install Security Film or window bars to keep criminals out.Physical barriers are good investment for long term protection.
  • Install Burglar Alarm System with carbon monoxide detector and flood detector

"A few simple steps can mitigate the risk of a break-in"

"Do everything possible to make yourself a lousy target for thieves"

At , we provide complete security products and services to improve the security of your home.Should you have any idea or suggestions, please comment on this blog post

Burglars use social media to target victims,How do they do it?

Crime Prevention

Burglars use Social Media to Target Victims[/caption]Burglars use social media to target victims. How do they do it?A. Criminals only need a rough idea of where you live — and access to Google Street View — to start casing your home.

Using check-in apps and posting vacation photos broadcasts to the world that you're not at home right then. Be sure to check your privacy settings — and wait until you're safely hom Offers Outdoor Surveillance Camera, Burlar Alarm System and Window bars to protect your belongings .

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