Home Security Tips

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How to make home not inviting to thieves ? How to thief proof your home ?

Here are some security tips.

  • Windows without bars, a fence blocking the view of the backyard and a lack of dead bolts are major concerns.
  • Exterior doors should have a cylinder lock as well as a deadbolt. Also, make sure your doors are solid — not hollow metal or wood frame.
  • Install a metal screen door or hurricane door with break-proof glass.
  • Keep and maintain proper lighting and landscaping.
  • Put a motion light with something that makes noise
  • In flower beds, choose wood chip mulch or gravel that makes noise when somebody stand on it.
  • Have Plant bushes beneath windows but keep them trimmed.
  • Turn window blinds inside your home the opposite direction.That way if someone is looking inside of your home, they see the floor and not your TV.
  • Privacy fence and patio screen present more problems than prevention.That will cover thieves not you.
  • "Beware of Dog Sign" can also make a burglar think twice.
  • Try Planting flower bushes with thorns.
  • Install a home security system
  • If you can't afford a home security system, you can install door and window alarms. These wireless alarms are triggered after someone opens the door or window.
  • Secure your sliding door. Place a piece of wood or sturdy shower curtain rod in the track frame of the door to prevent crooks from gaining access inside your home.
  • Trim bushes to keep burglars from using them as cover
  • Properly light the entrance to your home.
  • Purchase a locking mailbox. Criminals are constantly looking for ways to steal your identity especially if you have a mailbox near the road. These mailboxes allow homeowners to lock them with a key.
  • here's also a small slot where postal workers can insert your mail.
  • Get involved in a neighborhood watch program. Law enforcement says an alert neighborhood can be very effective in deterring criminal activity.
  • If you have budget, Try to Install Quick Release Window Bars- Hinged which can comply with local fire code.
  • Hire Security Expert for complete overiviewing security arrangements.
  • Make a security arrangements that prevent thieves enter inside home with various security products.


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