Window Bars Ordering Guide

Undecided How to order for Window bar ? Please follow these Steps

STEP 1 : Measure Window :

Take Opening Width And Height Measurement (Frame to Frame or Jamb to jamb depending on where you want to be install )

Security Rolling Grille

Video: Security Rolling Grille
Open or Close Style rolling grille. Made of Sturdy aluminum extrusions and continuous metal rods assembled pattern.Protects against theft and vandalism. Suitable for any public building where ventilation and maximum security are required.It’s the logical choice for storefronts, display windows, airports, stadiums, and more.

Get Basic Knowledge before you buy Home Surveillance Camera System

Closed circuit television and several other types of electronic devices are much more common these days, and easier to operate than ever before. They are also more affordable as well, and becoming more and more popular with home owners everywhere. The basics behind closed circuit systems lets you know that the signals the camera picks up aren’t broadcast through the air, but instead sent directly to the monitor, which can be observed from virtually anywhere - at anytime.

Fixed Mount Steel Window Security Bars

Video :Fixed Mount Steel Window Security Bars from

  • Steel Folding Window Security Bar
  • Made of high grade, premium quality steel for better strength and safety.
  • These security bars are fixed type and can be fold-able when not in use.
  • 7 inch by 7 inch square grid
  • ½ inch by ½ inch 18 gauge steel tubing.
  • Proven factor of higher resistance and resilience against external force.
  • Special powder coating for durability.
  • Great option of folding for this window bar when not in use.
  • 9- “U” Brackets for 2 sides for Recess mount (Inset).
  • Select from brown and white color.
  • Easy installation guide instruction included.
  • Shipping within 48 hours.


Robbery and Burglary prevention tips for retail stores, Offices and Small Business

Helpful Article for Retail Business Owners for security This article contains tips for preventing business robberies and burglaries. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. Robbery is a violent crime and often includes the use of a weapon. Robbers often case businesses for cash on hand and ways to achieve surprise and avoid witnesses. Burglary is the entry of a business or other property with the intent to commit larceny or any felony. Businesses can prevent robberies and burglaries by protecting assets, preventing unauthorized entry, and employing various deterrent measures. They can also help in apprehending the offenders and recovering the stolen property. This section also includes tips on what to do if you are robbed. These tips can significantly enhance the safety of your employees and the security of your business. Also, you should take advantage of free security surveys offered by your local law enforcement agency. You can also authorize your local law enforcement agency to act as your agent and enter your property to ask unauthorized persons to leave the property; and if they refuse to do so or return thereafter, to enforce any law violations on the property when you are not present. Protecting Assets Assets can be protected by keeping them in a safe place, implementing procedures that deny criminals access to them, etc.

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