Traditional Window Shutter

GLASSESSENTIAL® Traditional Window Shutters are made of hardwood. The technique of past and the technology of today have made these traditional shutters a favorite among property owners – home or office!



  • Unmatched product integrity; with best quality raw materials and machining processes
  • Excellent manpower for flawless and state-of-the-art finish of the product
  • Customized hand-crafting for any shape or size of opening
  • Lifetime lasting
  • Smooth, flawless operation
  • Careful monitoring in each step to ensure that no error is made.

Product Details:

  • Panel Thickness: 3/4" also available
  • Panel Width: 8" to 26"
  • Top and Bottom Rail: 9/16" thick; minimum 2" wide
  • Stile: 3/4" thick, 1-3/8" wide
  • Louver Sizes: 1-1/4"
  • Tilt Bar: 3/8" thick; 5/16" wide
  • Finishes: Standard and custom paints and stains
  • Standard Shipping Time: 3 to 4 weeks