GLASSESSENTIAL® security bars can help you keep your family safe from intruders however could also put you in a deadly situation if precautions have not been taken. Here’s your checklist:


  • Consult your local Fire Department for guidance about their guidelines
  • Follow their guidelines and also consider building code of your city
  • Call our window security expert at 1-877-874-6321, discuss your plan and get standard as well as customized solutions.
  • All family members should be aware of the modus operandi of quick release devices in GLASSESSENTIAL security bars (in windows and doors), specially during emergency exit.
  • For Removable window bars, keep lock keys a little away from window for easy accessibility in case of emergency.
  • After installing window bars, discuss the fire evacuation plan with all occupants of the home/office, ensuring that they understand the operation to unlock security window bars or other fire exit.