GLASSESSENTIAL® Decorative Window Security Guards are available for commercial and residential applications.



The Cosmopolitan :

Features –

  • ½” X ½” solid steel security bars
  • Available in two Options: Two Horizontal bars or Three Horizontal bars
  • Custom Made to your Window Size.
  • One Side Welded Mounting Bracket
  • Other Side Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Standard vertical spacing is 6" on center
  • Clearly visible from outside
  • Solid Welded Steel Security for your windows and doors.
  • Colors Available : Brown, Black, Grey, White 

Cosmopolitan Window Security Bars Size and Price List

Decorative Window Security Grille

The Colonial Design:

Features –

  • Solid steel construction
  • Made from 1/4” x 1/2” steel bar, full frame with grid overlapped and welded
  • Choice of Full Frame or Open End Window bars.
  • Full Frame window bars can be Fixed or Removable.
  • Fixed style Open end Window Bars
  • Custom Size can be made.
  • Color Options: Brown, Grey, Black, White
  • Enhances appearance of window
  • Fixed or removable in full frame option
  • Colonial Window Security Bars Size and Price List

 Decorative Window Security Grille | Security Bars

 Decorative Window Security Grille | Window Grille

 Decorative Window Security Grille  | Window Guard

 Decorative Window Security Grille | Security Grille

The Arizona:

Features –

  • ½” X ½” solid security bars
  • Unique look
  • Well-ventilated
  • Prevents smash and grab

Arizona Window Security Bars Size and Price

 Decorative Window Security Grille | Window Bars

 Arizona Window Security Bars

The Defender:

Features –

  • Solid ½”x ½” square steel security bars
  • Decorative scroll
  • White powder coated for high visibility

Defender Window Security Bars Size and Price List

 Defender Window Security Bars

The Spanish

Features –



  • “S” scroll add $40.00/pair
  • Forged scroll add $60.00 each
  • Finial and collars add $8.00 each

 Spanish Window Security Bars | Window Guard

 Spanish Window Security Bars | Window Grilles

 Spanish Window Security Bars | Security Bars

 Spanish Window Security Bars | Window Bars

The Tudor:

Features –

  • ½”x ½” solid bars
  • European look
  • Well-ventilated

Tudor Window Security Bars Size and Price List

 Tudor Window Security Bars

Scrolls 35-2

Scroll Design | Window Grille

Scroll 37-3

Scroll Design | Window Bars

Scroll 35-1

Scroll Design | Window Guard

Scroll Design Downloads

Scroll Design -1

Scroll Design -2