OUR Window bars, Window guard , Window Grille and Window gate  PROTECT HOME/BUSINESS AND FAMILY 24/7 365 days of the year!! We have largest range of Window and door bars to keep your Home, family and Business safe."Window bars don't have to be ugly" .We custom manufacture security window bars and related products for forced entry protection.At GlassEssential  we provide a variety of products and styles options to match different applications for your home and business which includes security bars, Window guards, Window grilles, security gates, Window grates, basement window bars,Alarmed Window Screen, Alarmed Window bars ,Bandit Bars, Vera bars,Front Door Security gate, Expanded Metal Window Covering , Wire Mesh Scurity Grille and  window security film for invisible protection. Window Security bars are available in Fixed, Removable or Folding Mounting Options. Choose from Simple Looking to Highly Decorative Bras From at one place ..

Folding Window Grille

Folding Window Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Window Grilles are designed to provide elegant look, strong security barrier with ease of operation.
Window_ Security_ Bars_spanishW1 Window Security Bars GlassEssenial

Decorative Window Security Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Decorative Window Security Guards are available for commercial and residential applications.
removable window security bars

Steel Removable Security Bars

Steel Removable Window Security Bar with features of expansion, swing and removable are ideal for small windows for residential applications It is…
Window_bars_2 Window Security Bars GlassEssenial

Steel Fixed Window Security Bars

Steel Folding Window Security Bar is a fixed type security bar to serve as an ideal security solution for your residential, commercial and industrial…

Aluminum Fixed and Removable Window Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Aluminum Window Security Bars are fixed and removable in nature. They protect residential and store front windows where aesthetics…
Wire Mesh Window Guard

Wire Mesh Window Guard

Protect window and door with GLASSESSENTIAL® 10 gauge welded Wire Mesh Window Guard. It prevents breakins, burglaries and robberies. Custom made to…

Quick Release Window Bars- Hinged

Our Quick release window security bars are made of architectural grade aluminum. It comes with quick release mechanism and provides instant release…
window_-Security_bars_Alarm Window Security Bars GlassEssenial

Bandit Security Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Bandit Alarmed window Security Bars gives an enhanced protection to your home or office from burglars or intruders. The window…
Expanded Metal Window Grille

Expanded Metal Window Grille

Achieve maximum security with an expanded custom-made steel metal mesh. This is an excellent permenant solution for your high security residential…
window_door_security_wire_mesh_screen_alarm Window Security Bars GlassEssenial

Alarm Wire Screen

GLASSESSENTIAL® Alarm Wire Screen brings together a security screen which is simple enough to fit your existing frame or new custom made frame and a…
Measuring Instruction for Window and Door Size to order Window Bars

How to Measure Window and Door Size for Window Bars

To measure window and door size for security window bars installation, Carefully measure from wood door jamb (brickmold) to wood door jamb and…
Basement Window Well Cover

Basement Window Well Cover

Cover basement window well from leaves, dust and debris and also protect against potential brak-in from basement windows.Custom made with expanded…
Fire-Exit-Plan Window Security Bars GlassEssenial

Fire Evacuation Plan

GLASSESSENTIAL® security bars can help you keep your family safe from intruders however could also put you in a deadly situation if precautions have…
Technical Specifications of security film for glass

Technical Specifications

SECURITY FILM WINDOW TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Security Window Film - Technical Specifications Category Property Measurement SL 20 SL 14 SL 11 SL 11…