We give maximum importance in quality control and proving the efficiency and strength of our security films. Each and every security film is properly checked and tested. So rest assured of superior quality.


  • First security film to achieve GSA Level two resistance to bomb blasts
  • Achieved BMAG level one standard
  • Achieved burglary resistance level of ULC-S332-93
  • Achieved bullet resistance level of UL 752 Level two


National and international projects at airports, corporate organizations, police forces, government agencies and embassies use our security laminates. We appreciate and respect the individuality of our clients. We take inputs from our clients to ensure that their safety and security issues are met, thereby constant improving ourselves and progressing towards betterment.


  • The adhesive used in our security films is powerful enough to hold the glass together by forming molecular bonds with it, so that even if the glass breaks, shards do not fly around.
  • High tensile strength and elasticity
  • High resistance to shearing, preventing penetration by any object.
  • Provide safety; for better results, use our wireless alarm system. This alarm goes off when high force is applied on the glass. The glass breaks but the film is intact. With a second attempt, the noise increases and access to the room becomes complicated and dangerous for burglars, thereby shooing them away. 

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