GLASSESSENTIAL® security films provide protection for your cars and your family. Incidents that threat the safety of your car include accidents, riots, bomb blasts, car hijacks and break-ins. Our safety film can withstand attacks from iron rods, baseball bats, all sharp objects, Molotov cocktails and rocks. It will protect you and your family against external threats.

Security Window Films for automobiles :

  • Security: System for vehicle protection cannot prevent thieves from breaking the glass. In presence of security sheets these thieves will not be able to break the glass.
  • Safety : More than 65% of injuries that occur during car collisions that happen sidewise takes place due to the flying shards of glass. The extraordinary and powerful adhesive used by our security laminate ensures that the glass pieces stick to the film.
  • 99% UV Reduction: Our security and safety laminates protects the interiors of a car from UV rays which lead to the fading, demolition and cracking of the interiors of your car.
  • Heat and noise reduction : Another reason for using our safety sheets is a dramatic reduction in heat and noise pollution.