Tools for window measurements :

  • Pencil
  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape
  • Notebook / paper


GLASSESSENTIAL® security films can be installed in the following ways.


A. Method of measuring:

  • Take the inner dimensions of the window where the security sheet is to be installed.
  • Note the height and width (in inches) of the window and its location.


B. Method of cutting the security film:

  • Can be cut either horizontally or vertically, as per the window size, resulting in less wastage.
  • Normal width being 60inches, the film cutting should be 1/16th inch from the measured dimensions on all sides.


C. Preparation of soap water:

  • Take water in a spray bottle and add 1-2 spoonful baby shampoo
  • Remove all kinds of dirt and stickers from the glass pane
  • Spray the soapy water on the glass surface
  • Wipe clean with lint free hand towels


D. Installation Of GLASSESSENTIAL Safety Laminate:

  • After cleaning, spray the soap water again on the glass surface.
  • Repeat on the backside of liner for release of security sheets.
  • Wet your hands properly with the same solution.
  • Remove the release liner and spray soap water on the interior adhesive side of security laminate.
  • Spray the soap water solution again on the adhesive side.
  • Keeping the adhesive side toward the glass, place it on the glass pane.
  • Spray the soapy solution on the outer side of the safety laminate and set it well on the window pane.
  • The gap between the side of the frame and the film should be 1/16”.
  • Take out the water present between the pane and the film.
  • Remove any moisture from the sides and the edges.


E. Optional instruction to protect tempered glass or for extra protection:

  • To caulk around edges of your tempered glass, use 995 Silicon Caulking by Dow Corning.
  • Opt for various mechanical anchoring which requires professionals to install the film.
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