Decorative Window Security Grille

Decorative Window Security Grille

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GLASSESSENTIAL® Decorative Window Security Guards are available for commercial and residential applications.


The Cosmopolitan :

Features –

  • ½” X ½” solid steel security bars
  • Bars contain 5” space between each other.
  • Clearly visible from outside
  • Matches vertical blinds inside

Cosmopolitan Window Security Bars Size and Price List

Window Security Bars cosmopolitan

The Colonial Design:

Features –

 Window Security Bars colonial1

 Window Security Bars colonia l2

 Window Security Bars colonialW1

 Window Security Bars colonialW2

The Arizona:

Features –

  • ½” X ½” solid security bars
  • Unique look
  • Well-ventilated
  • Prevents smash and grab

Arizona Window Security Bars Size and Price

 Window Security Bars arizona1

 Window Security Bars arizona

The Defender:

Features –

  • Solid ½”x ½” square steel security bars
  • Decorative scroll
  • White powder coated for high visibility

Defender Window Security Bars Size and Price List

 Window Security Bars defender

The Spanish

Features –

 Window Security Bars spanishW4

 Window Security Bars spanishW1

 Window Security Bars spanishW2

 Window Security Bars spanishW3

The Tudor:

Features –

  • ½”x ½” solid bars
  • European look
  • Well-ventilated

Tudor Window Security Bars Size and Price List

 Window Security Bars tudorW1

Expanded Mesh

  • 16 ga Expanded metal mesh
  • Framed with 1 “ Steel
  • Painted
  • An expanded metal mesh guard to protect the glass area
  • Also protects lock thumb turn on the inside of the door
  • Standard sizes are 24' x 24" or 24" x 36"
  • Tailor-made for your need
  • Colors: black, brown or white
  • Other custom expanded metal products for sidelights windows, anti-vandalism window guards, vehicle windows and partitions, computer and inventory cage display and countertop guards and partition.


Scrolls 35-2

Door Security Scroll 35-2

Scroll 37-3

Door Security Scroll 37-3

Scroll 35-1

Scroll 35-1

Scroll Design Downloads

Scroll Design -1

Scroll Design -2



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