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Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions

We carry a variety of welded wire mesh fencing including cage and customize for every project. We have a solution for  variety of quality Garden & Utility Fencing and Outdoors wire mesh fencing.we use 10 gauge welded wire for extra security of our fencing products. Our wire mesh fencing avialable in 2" X 2" or 2" x 1"  welded wire mesh .Our welded wire partitions are Modular, Stackable Partition Systems For Warehouses, Basements And Storage Areas with stronger panel made of heavy duty 10-gauge wire welded at every wire contact point. Prevent the most extreme threats and ensure maximum security, GlassEssential ®extra-tough Welded wire mesh partitions .It is made of 10-gauge wire, providing greater security and protection in the most demanding environments.

Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions Wire Mesh Partitions Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions
Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions Wire Mesh Security Partition Wire Mesh Partition
Wire Mesh Partitions Wire_Mesh_Partitions_and_Fence_8 Wire Mesh Partitions


Our wire mesh partition includes both standard and custom panels, doors, service windows and corners designed to simplify partition arrangement in a variety of applications. Key uses include lockdown areas, conveyorized sorting stations, postal distribution centers, bonded warehouses and court buildings, as well as homeland security purposes. Manufactured from 100% carbon-neutral, recycled steel, the product also qualifies for LEED points. Our modular wire partition system with stock panels allows you to design most any partition or storage configuration to meet your application and security requirement.


  • Modular Design-It is easy to assemble and erect.
  • creating a space within a space.
  • One side, Two Side, Three Side and Four Side Wall Partitions.
  • Optional Roof Panel.
  • Optional Shelving inside partitions.
  • Swing Door or Sliding door Options.
  • Wicket Window Option.
  • The sturdy 10 gauge welded wire mesh construction for better strength. 
  • Custom made wire mesh partition enclosures or fenced storage units.
  • Multipurpose use like guarding machineries, storing valuables and isolating specific area.
  • Cost effective, decorative and premium surface finish.
  • Good alternative to dry wall with swing and sliding door options.
  • Wire Mesh Partitions ensures good amount of light, air, heat, and sound to pass through it.
  • Due to highly précised fabricating, alignment of all components are assured.


  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities,
  • Tool cribs
  • Maintenance cages
  • Machine guarding
  • General inventory storage areas.
  • Data centers for security and separation of computer servers,
  • To divide collocation facilities,
  • For temporary holding cells and evidence storage cages by law enforcement,
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) for their secured drug and pharmaceutical storage needs.

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GlassEssential is leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions for over 10 years.Our wire partitions and fence  are made of Quality Construction: Partition panels, posts and doors are all-steel and completely painted, powder coated or galvanized for long-lasting performance and good looks.

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