Wire Mesh Stackable Contain


Wire Mesh Containers and Carts :

GlassEssential ® Wire Mesh Containers and carts with varied designs for custom applications signify easiest material handling and inventory procedure. These containers are made of heavy duty steel, painted or galvanized after welding and feature collapsible or stackable option for easy storage, transport and floor space saving.

Wire Container

Wire Mesh Rolling Container and Stackable Stocking Carts :

  • Customized, flexible, space saving material handing solution.
  • Made of heavy duty steel frame.
  • Long lasting durability and enhanced protection against corrosion.
  • Secure, spot welded wires at every intersection allows for added strength and security.
  • Heavy-Duty 2”x2”x10 gauge welded wire mesh construction. 
  • Fully customizable in size according to clients’ needs and preferences.

Customized solutions and applications:

  • We make client specific steel rolling carts for heavy-duty manufacturing applications.
  • Stackable and Non Stackable storage containers.
  • Collapsible, Non Collapsible container fordifferent
  • Customized Rolling Carts for Highly productive material flow.



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