Our wire cages are high-security, heavy duty applications.Which type of wire panels. Wire mesh Cage Configuration can be associated with existing walls. Depend on numbers of existing wall you can decide number of side of wire mesh panels. For Example if you are installing in one corner of room, you already have two wall so you will need two sideed wire mesh cage partition. Roof panels for wire cage are optional and it varies with height of partition, height of room and level of security.

Wire Cage Configuration


GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire Mesh Security Cage Configuration elaborates on the fact that how to erect a specific wire mesh structure as per your needs or use. These cages are made of interconnected wire mesh panels and post.

Following are the selection criteria for creating wire partition cage:

  • 1 Side partitions if you have 3 side wall . OR
  • 2 Side partitions if you have 2 side wall OR
  • 3 side partitions if you have 1 side wall OR
  • 4 side partition if you have no wall support.
  • Door Options are:
    • Swing Door
    • Sliding Door
    • Dutch Door
  • Select Roof panel
  • Select Shelving,
  • Select Service wicket Window
  • Select Locking from Padlock hasp , cylinder lock, door handles, card access control
  • Select Finish from paint, powder coating, galvanized

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