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just wanted to let you know that the temperature sensor and auto-dialer worked for us recently and probably saved us thousands in potential damage. I had programmed the system to call our cell phones in case of an emergency and while we were on vacation on a cruise, the system called us to indicate an alarm condition. We called my brother-in-law who went over to the house and found out that the heat was off and it was only 7 degrees inside. We have hot water radiators and one of them had frozen overnight preventing circulation of the heated water. He called a service company who came in and fixed the problem. Just wanted you to know that it worked perfectly.
Date of Posting: 04 November 2014
Posted By: Kevin Moore
These guys are very competitive and real professionals, thanks for the quick and great service.
Date of Posting: 04 November 2014
Posted By: Asad Islam
We have successfully installed the gate. I was very impressed with the excellent quality of the gate and the engineering designs that went into them.
Date of Posting: 04 November 2014
Posted By: Anne and Dolf Wynia
Senior Citizen, Layton,ON
I Would Just Like To Say Thank You To All Your Staff For The Excellent Service We Had When We Ordered Our Gate From Your Company. We Were Treated From The Very Start Of The Process To The Delivery Of Our Item Beyond What Even I Expected From A Company. Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Will If Anyone Asks To Highly Recommend Your Company.
Feel Free To List Me As A Supporter Of Your Company And Your Relationship With Your Clients.
Date of Posting: 07 March 2011
We were very satisfied with the caliber of workmanship and professionalism in dealing with this company. I would recommend them.
Date of Posting: 14 July 2009
Posted By: Eileen Cunningham
Director Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Toronto
Folding Gate Supplied to us was before time. great Services . Really Recommend
Date of Posting: 06 June 2009
Posted By: Paul D
Customer, Vancouver ,BC
Highly Reputed Business . Great services and Products. Really Recommended to use Services
Date of Posting: 06 March 2009
Posted By: M Shah
Customer, Guelph,ON

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