Solar Control Film

Solar Control film for Building and Automobiles

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Window tinting Films from GLASSESENTIAL® do wonders to your car. It blocks harmful UV rays, resists solar heat, protects car windows from scratch and enhances safety, security, longevity, appearance factor of your car. We provide a wide array of car window tinting services with wide range of product variations at a competitive price. At, we aim to customize our tinting services as per your needs and choices to bring security, privacy and aesthetic pleasure of your driving experience.

Metalized Solar Control film-Auto

Metalized Solar Control Films from GlassEssential are premium high Performance (HP) car window films manufactured utilizing sputtering process to stack different metals into "spectrally selective" layers to produce specific shades and performance characteristics.. With this process, HP window tints fused with durable, exotic metals – such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, inconel, chromium, aluminum and other alloys deliver stable, super heat rejection performance and long lasting product life for your vehicle! Our Quantum, True Grey, Charcoal, Titanium and Bronze series come with stunning color tones, scratch resistance property and super UV protection and heat control features for an unparallel car riding experience.

Non-Reflective Automotive Solar Control Film
Non-reflective Automotive Window Film from GLASSESSENTIAL® is a select dyed window film installed on automotives for excellent solar and UV ray protection. If you want stylish sleek looks and long-lasting durability, this is what you’re looking for. The film will reduce heat and sunlight entering within the automotive resulting in lower cooling costs. The films are available in a variety of light transmissions and shades so you can choose one that suits your automotive perfectly.

Improve your surroundings by protecting your property from harmful sunlight with GLASSESSENTIAL® IR Control Window Film. The IR Control Window Film is a seemingly invisible film installed upon windows to keep out uncomfortable heat, protect furnishings and let in a clear and harmless view.

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