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We provide Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Gates cage to protect valuables in commercial applications.Our folding gate folding gate use very strong  special aluminum rivet connecting 13MM X13MM tubes  .GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate Cage for Cigarette Display and Security is a perfect solution to meet spacious product storage and protection needs for convenience, retail or variety stores.These security cages are made of strong, decorative and high grade heavy duty steel folding gates with flexibility of folding or expansion and customizable sizes to be fit in appropriate place.It comes with some add-on safety and convenient features: It is not fixed in nature; just fold it away out of sight when not in use; get stronger joint and smooth expansion with special aluminum rivet; have rust-free solid structure with our special surface treatment; be secured with higher resilience and deterrence against smash or break-in.


Storage and Display Cabinets.for cigarettes

Storage and Display Cabinets For Cigarettes

GLASSESSENTIAL® Cigarette Storage and Display Cabinet is one-of-its-kind storage solution that fulfils the utility of your purpose – ample storage space and niche display, with complete protection!


Create Security Cages on display with roll up shutters

Security Cages are a secondary internal defense specially built for keeping your stock . We specialise in manufacturing and supplying high quality security roller shutters for creating your custom barrier for disply of products.

Rolling Shutter Cage

Cigarette Tobacco Display Security

Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Cigarette Display Security rolling shutter
Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display
Cigarette Cages Cigarette Display Without Protection Cigarette Cages

GLASSESSENTIAL® Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display unit is a spacious, secured and easy accessible storage unit with complete protection and strong visual appeal. Simple installation procedure, strong material with stunning looks and finish and best-of-the-class locking system for ultimate security bear the hallmark of this product!

Create Security Cage around existing display, bar, counter with our Sliding  and folding security grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Grille creates Cigarette Display unit protection .It provides strong storage cabinet for cigarette with better safety and elegant look. Our aluminum sliding grille meets protection, accessibility and space demands conveniently and comfortably to cover other type of display product security .

 Roll up Grille Cage Enclosure : Secure Display ares products with our roll up and down security grille enclouser and create cage.

Roll up Grille Cage Enclosure

GLASSESSENTIAL® ROLLING GRILLE ENCLOSURE for Cigarette Display Protection and Security is a customized display security storage solution to cater the needs of retail stores, variety stores and convenience stores. This product is highly flexible to install and operate, great to look at and made of strong steel grille structure for solidity and safety. 

Industial Storage Solution by  Folding Gate and Wire mesh Storage Cabinet

Warehouse secure storage can be created in custom size by folding gate and wire mesh partition which helps to easily secure .

Industrial Storage Cabinet

GLASSESSENTIAL® custom Industrial Storage Cabinet secures and stores your important industrial goods. This security cabinet is manufactured with Wire mesh, steel frame coupled with diamond pattern folding gate structure for maximum safety and easy access. Its design also can be customized as per your needs and specifications.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Cigarette Display Security units for spacious storage and product security are in high demand for convenience, retail or variety stores for their customized solution with variety of product range to meet product display and protection needs. They are also effective to curb or minimize the damage incurred by smash, break-in and vandalism activity by unlawful intruders.

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