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Industrial Safety Guards ,Guard Rails, Safety Rails, Barricades & More

Get maximum warehouse safety with an industrial safety railing from our Safety Guards ,Guard Rails, Safety Rails, Barricades. We  specializes in Industrial Safety Guard Rails & Barriers for protection from Heavy Machinery & Equipment.GLASSESSENTIAL® Safety Guards are one of the best preventive measures used in industrial safety to protect building columns, office dry walls, shelving from accident, collision or calamity. Made of heavy duty steel guardrail or hollow piping structure and mounted to the floor or base, it provides safety, solidity and durability to specific installations or desired zones as well as enhances work flow maximizing floor space and minimizing security concerns.Our Safety barriers are built and tested to meet all federal safety standards.

Custom Steel Guard Rails | Metal Guardrail | Forklift Railing | Safety Railing 

Protect employees, equipment, and inventory from impacts and falls. GlassEssential is a leading global supplier of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems and and products to every industry and niche around the world. We custom create Steel Handrails and Safety Rails & Barriers for protection from Heavy Machinery & Equipment. We are canada's leading source of  source for Industrial Safety Railings.GLASSESSENTIAL® Safety Railing creates a guided steel wall structure to provide a safety net for surrounding machineries or equipments, on-floor material handling activity and crafts a secure worker walkway in Industrial, Commercial and Warehousing applications. Made of customized design with heavy duty steel for extra durability, available in single, double or triple rail options, these Railings increase floor safety, enhance work flow, maximize floor space and minimizing security concerns meeting OHSA and WHIMS Standard and compliances.

Custom Steel Traffic Bollards for Industrial Applications

We offer durable traffic bollards and delineator posts that enhance and increase safety. GLASSESSENTIAL® Traffic Bollards are used for industrial safety, perimeter protection, and material control management across industries and commercial applications. Made of heavy duty steel, arranged in a specific pattern and pivoted with a fixed base to the floor, these rigid posts create safe buffer zone in workshop floor to enhance safety measures. Highly visible and acting as a great deterrent, these traffic control bollards separates walkways or a predefined zone from unwanted access and hence, minimizes the chance of any accident

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