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We manufactures Roll Shutters Grilles for security and protection. Our roll up shutter  for commercial and industrial use such as self storage, available in light, medium and heavy duty windload, GLASSESSENTIAL® Roll up Shutters are immensely beneficial for protection in any building.

Roll up Shutters Features and Advantages:

  • Security : Excellent protection against burglary, effective visual deterrent for protection, unique locking system so that the rolling shutters become the perfect barriers against any kind of intrusion

  • Insulation from heat and cold: Thermal insulation properties that reduce heat in the warm season and retain the warmth in the cold season; injected with polyurethane to keep the interiors cool and warm when required; provides significant energy savings hence reduced electricity bills for you

  • Light control : Scorching rays of the sun and harmful ultra-violet and infra-red rays get blocked from penetrating through the rolling shutters, thus protecting the interiors and upholstery.

  • Noise protection : Reduce noise protection by up to 50% (based on independent laboratory tests); favorite with kids, elderly members, ailing members, shift workers or anyone wanting peace and quiet

  • Weather protection : No rattling during storm or heavy rains thus securing your property from flying debris or broken glass.

  • Fire protection: Prevents damage from bushfires, even from the flying burning embers

  • Privacy : Maintains your privacy wherever you are; natural light and airflow can be enjoyed with the perforating holes that can be kept open

Wood Roll-up shutter doors from GLASSESSENTIAL® are way of enhancing the looks of your property, thereby having a space-saving architectural décor. These are the epitome of functionality and graceful due to their fine furnishing..

 Wood Roll Up Door


  • Add security and aesthetic pleasure to any setting
  • Very neatly handcrafted solid hardwood
  • Flawless and elegant finish complementing any décor or architectural detail
  • Applicable at home camouflaging a wet bar, or ensuring security in a bank or hotel
  • Optional addition of a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project


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Residential Applications

Roll Up Door Order Worksheet

Roll Up Shutter

Roll Up Shutters

Exploded View and Parts of Roll Up shutter

Motorized Roll up Shutter Exploded View and Parts technical Detail:
Roll up Shutter

Aluminum Foam Filled Slat Roll Up door

Add protection, privacy and insulation to your home We manufacture foam-filled roller shutter .The slats of roll formed aluminum filled with polyurethane foam insulation,.These exterior shutters for your home or business provide insulation, security, noise…
Rolling Shutter Soffit Installation

Roll Up Door Installation Types

GLASSESSENTIAL® has a unique array of rolling shutters, each with a difference, custom-made. As for installation, there are three distinct ways of installing these rolling shutters, regardless of the type of structure they are being fit to.
Rolling_shutter_perforated_aluminum_561_4 Roll Up Shutters -

561 Series Grille Roll Up door

Grille Type Light Weight security Roll Up Shutters We custom manufactur of light weight aluminum grille type roll up shutter. Our 561 series shutter made of aluminum slat with square perforation allows airflow, light to flow thru. It gives distinct appeal of…
Solid Aluminum Roll up Shutter

560 Series Solid Aluminum Roll Up door

Secure Home and Business with solid aluminum roll up shutter. Our 560 series roll up shutter is made of high-grade aluminum extruded slats. The solid 560 series aluminum roll up door protects your premises against intruders and bad weather. solid aluminum…
Roller shutter Slat Selection

Roller shutter Slat Selection

GLASSESSENTIAL® offers a wide range of slat selection for roller shutter in various material, type, color or dimension to make your project a solid and pleasing one.Select from following Slat
Wood Roll Up door Residential Applications

Wood Roll Up door Residential Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® wood roll-up shutter doors have great value when applied in your home. Be it protection or be it aesthetics – roll-up shutter doors are sure to become the cynosure of your home.
Roll Up Shutter Hood and Housing

Roll Up Shutter Hood and Housing

GLASSESSENTIAL® Rolling Shutters have hoods that are metal-made and available indifferent finish. Hoods sizes are dependent on shutter height. It increases in size with height of rolling shutter. When Installed they are sealed for weather proofing if used…
Wood Roll Up Doors

Wood Roll Up door Commercial Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood Roll-up Doors are applicable in homes as well as offices, protecting and beautifying your property.

Roll Up Shutter Operator Types

GlassEssential® Rolling Shutter- Operators bring efficiency, functionality and convenience to control Rolling Shutters. To enhance more flexibility and control, these shutters are operated by one of following device. Manual Up and down – Counter balance…
Wood Roll Up door - Shttle Doors

Finish Selection for Wood Roll Up door

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood Roll-Up Shutter Doors are manufactured and crafted of the finest natural hardwoods.
Image gallery for rollup shutter

Application Gallery

Roll Up Shutter Image Gallery
rollup_11p Roll Up Shutters -

Specifications of Wood Roll Up Door

Wood Roll Up Shutter Architectural Specifications We’re dedicated to continuing our tradition of providing you with the finest in custom craftsmanship, product selection and value. But we don’t stop there. We’re also committed to making your job easier and as…

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