We make various styles of folding  Security Gates for Commercial, Industrial & Retail Security. Our folding gate use very strong special aluminum rivet connecting 1/2" ×1/2" square tubing together.A self-lubricated washer between tubing protecting scratching and providing smooth flow of operation,At the end , Folding gate web is connected to  U-channel frame making the gate stable and stronger.Our Double Diamond Folding Gates are specially designed with a narrow web making it hard to reach and most secured folding gate. A full length of double cylinder lock post make even harder to penetrate through. Our all folding gates are powder coatied, make surface shining and smooth.

Steel Folding Gates are essential to your facility for Ventilation, Visibility and Access Control.folding gate is a product that can be perfectly used to safeguard facades and doors.Limit access with steel security gates and retractable gates.Trust GlassEssential folding Gates to help secure unprotected openings and comply with OSHA and ANSI requirements. We build folding gate to operate smoothly and look good for decades to come.Glassessential design a folding gate to fit almost any Residential ,Institutional ,industrial or commercial application where security is needed.Our Folding Gates provide the ability to secure Door, Window, Counter, Cages  Receiving Doors, Lift-Up Doors, Entranceways, Hallways and more. Made of Double Wall -Steel Tubing , our steel Folding Gates are a must for your Storefront, Home , warehouse, storage, or shipping facility.With more than 25 sizes and 50 Acccesories , GlassEssential folding gate  covers any opening and any difficult jobsite with ease.Our Smooth  Glide Trackless,  folding gates are usually in stock.  With more than 7 years in the business,  GlassEssential Folding Gates is the established national leader in folding gate manufacturing.  Get a high Quality safety folding gate at very reasonable price today!We provide hassle free packing and in time delivery.

Folding gate for sliding Patio Door Security

Folding gate for Patio Door Security

Secure Sliding and French Patio Doors with Folding Security Gate Security Doors for Sliding Patio Doors. : Our Single Folding Gates secure sliding…
Folding gate for Storefront window and door Security

Folding gate for Storefront Security

Retail security gates on a storefront. Security Gates For Retail Storefronts. Retail and storefront single security gates are set on a continuous…
Folding Security Gate

Folding Security Gate

Folding Gates are made with strong 13 mm X 13 mm , 16 gauge steel tubimg. We stocks a wide selection of Folding Security Gates.Ships from Toronto for…
Folding Gate Sizes

Folding Gate Sizes

More than 25+ Folding Gates Sizes and 40+ Accessories and Hardware. We make folding security gates in many sizes that will fit any gate need you may…
Folding Gate Installation Drawing

Folding Gate Installation Drawing

Folding security gates are a great way to keep an area protected only when it needs to be. Our Easy to install folding gate is most economical way to…
Folding gate for Room Divider

Folding gate for Room Divider

Divide Rooms with Room Divider Folding Security gate Our Folding Gates provide the ability divide rooms . This collapsible, folding security gate
Folding Gate Accessories

Folding Gate Accessories

Get additional security and rigidity with our 50+ Hardware and accessories for folding security gate.Whether you call them scissor gates or accordion…
Folding gate for Shipping Dock Door Security

Folding gate for Shipping Door Security

Collapsible and Folding Security Solution for Shipping Door, Dock Door and Receiving Doors. Our Single and double Folding Gates secure shipping…
Folding gate for Retail Counter Security

Folding gate for Counter Security

Secure Counter opening at low cost !! Our Folding Gates provide the ability to secure Counter opening. like Bar Counter , Receptions Desks, medicial…
How to Measure for Folding gate

How to Measure for Folding gate?

Learn how to measure your expandable security gate. Flush mount, surface mount, or window mounting is available. GLASSESSENTIAL® folding gate…
Folding gate for Access Control-Mobile-Barrier

Folding gate for Access Control

Control Traffic in Hallways, entraceways, aisle with Mobile Security Gate System We provide complete physical access control solutions to enhance…
Folding Gate Application Image Gallery

Folding Gate Application Gallery

folding security gate Installation Gallery Folding security gates can be mounted either on the inside of the building or the outside, depending on…
Folding gate for Security Enclosure

Folding gate for Security Enclosure

Enclose retail display areawith Collapsible Steel Security gates Our Folding Gates provide the ability to enclose retail display area and create…