Create Security Cages on display with roll up shutters

Security Cages are a secondary internal defense specially built for keeping your stock . We specialise in manufacturing and supplying high quality security roller shutters for creating your custom barrier for disply of products.

Rolling Shutter Cage

Cigarette Tobacco Display Security

Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Cigarette Display Security rolling shutter
Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Cigarette Tobacco Display Security Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display
Cigarette Cages Cigarette Display Without Protection Cigarette Cages

GLASSESSENTIAL® Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display unit is a spacious, secured and easy accessible storage unit with complete protection and strong visual appeal. Simple installation procedure, strong material with stunning looks and finish and best-of-the-class locking system for ultimate security bear the hallmark of this product!



  • Made of tough anodized aluminum for more solidity.
  • Install on tubular steel frames; easy to be installed directly to the Cigarette Display wall.
  • Provision of multiple shutters divide big power wall displays into easily operated segments.
  • Saves your expenses on renovation.
  • Enjoy great relief as reconfiguration of existing display is no required.
  • Tough, reliable locking system.

 Cigarette Display Protection with Rolling Shutter Size :

  • 4' Wide X 5' High
  • 3' Wide X 5' High


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