We provide Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Gates cage to protect valuables in commercial applications.Our folding gate folding gate use very strong  special aluminum rivet connecting 13MM X13MM tubes  .GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate Cage for Cigarette Display and Security is a perfect solution to meet spacious product storage and protection needs for convenience, retail or variety stores.These security cages are made of strong, decorative and high grade heavy duty steel folding gates with flexibility of folding or expansion and customizable sizes to be fit in appropriate place.It comes with some add-on safety and convenient features: It is not fixed in nature; just fold it away out of sight when not in use; get stronger joint and smooth expansion with special aluminum rivet; have rust-free solid structure with our special surface treatment; be secured with higher resilience and deterrence against smash or break-in.



Folding Gate Cash
Folding Gate Cage
Folding Grille
Cigarette Display protectio 4
Cigarette Display protectio 5
Folding Gate on Side
Cigarette Display
Wire Mesh Panel on sides
Folding Gate on Top
Folding Gate Slides on Top Track


  • Two folding gate Locks in Middle
  • folding gate Slides on top Track (Optional)
  • Wire Mesh Panel on sides(Optional)
  • folding gate on Side (Optional)
  • folding gate on Top (Optional)
  • Customized cigarette protection cage.
  • Securing Cigarette Display and storage.
  • Made of steel folding gate and joist structure.
  • Availability of complete folding gate, its accessories and support structure to erect the unit.
  • Installation service available over widely selected areas.
  • Prompt on-site installation

Generally for For Cigarette Display Size 12' Wide X 7' High Or 16' Wide X 7' High , Following parts are required for installation:

  • Two folding gate in front
  • One folding gate on each side
  • One folding gate on top
  • Cylinder Locking Post
  • Hinges
  • T Bracket
  • U Bracket
  • Top Track
  • Top Track Rolling Casters
  • Shoot Bolt for Each gate
  • 2 Wire Mesh Side Panels
  • 1 Wire Mesh Top Panel