GLASSESSENTIAL® Cigarette Display Security units for spacious storage and product security are in high demand for convenience, retail or variety stores for their customized solution with variety of product range to meet product display and protection needs. They are also effective to curb or minimize the damage incurred by smash, break-in and vandalism activity by unlawful intruders.

These products provide a simple and practical enclosure system for the protection for Cigarette, DVD’s and other important goods of convenience or variety stores.

We offer different types of solution for Protection and Security of Cigarettes to match your needs. Some of our Products can also be installed over the existing Cigarette Display. We Supply complete DIY types of kit for our Cigarette Display Security Products.

Law in Canada for Cigarette Display says: “No person shall display or permit the display of cigarettes… in any manner that will permit a consumer to view any tobacco product before purchasing ...” Smoke-Free Ontario Act 3.1 [2] May 31, 2008 all cigarettes must be kept out of view until sold.

 Cigarette Display and Storage Products’ range:

Cigarette Display Security and Protection with Side Folding Security Grille (custom-made):

Cigarette Display unit with Folding Grille Storage Protection is an open style, flexible and strong storage cabinet with better safety and elegant look. Its aluminum sliding grille meets protection, accessibility and space demands conveniently and comfortably.
  • Made of tough anodized aluminum.
  • Sliding on top track
  • Secured in center with cylinder lock.
  • Easy to be installed on your existing display.
  • Choice of open style folding grill to see through folding grilles.
  • Custom made in variety of sizes as per your needs.


Cigarette Display Security and Protection with Side Folding Security Grille

Cigarette Protection with Aluminum Rolling Shutter:

Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display unit is a spacious, secured and easy accessible storage unit with complete protection and strong visual appeal. Simple installation procedure, strong material with stunning looks and finish and best-of-the-class locking system for ultimate security bear the hallmark of this product!


  • Custom made with tough anodized aluminum for more solidity.
  • To be installed on tubular steel frames; easy to be installed directly to the Cigarette Display wall.
  • Provision of multiple shutters divide big power wall displays into easily operated segments.
  • Saves your expenses on renovation.
  • Enjoy great relief as reconfiguration of existing display is no required.
  • Tough, reliable locking system.

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 Cigarette Protection with Aluminum Rolling Shutter

Cigarette Display Protection and Security with Rolling Grille (Custom-made)

Rolling Grille Enclosure for Cigarette Display Protection and Security is a customized display and secured storage solution to cater the needs of retail stores, variety stores and convenience stores. This product is highly flexible to install and operate, great to look at and made of strong steel grille structure for solidity and safety.


  • Displays cigarette and gives security simultaneously.
  • Customized security solution for cigarette display.
  • Made of strong Aluminum and components.
  • Ideal for retail stores, variety stores and convenience stores.
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 Cigarette Display Protection and Security with Rolling Grille

Cigarette Security Cage with Expandable Folding Gate :

  • Customized protection cage
  • Made of steel folding gate and structure.
  • Availability of complete folding gate, its accessories and support structure to erect the unit.
  • Installation service available over widely selected areas.
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 Cigarette Security Cage with Expandable Folding Gate

Cigarette Storage and display Cabinet :

 Cigarette Storage and Display Cabinet is one-of-its-kind storage solution that fulfils the utility of your purpose – ample storage space and niche display, with complete protection!  


  • Store cigarette cases in spacious bottom cabinet.
  • Open, nice looking displays cigarette in top cabinet
  • Protect cigarette cases in Top cabinet with roll shutter protection.
  • Be safe with sturdy steel frame storage cabinet.
  • Avail two drawers for more utility and space.
  • Get flexibility with mounting on wall or simply place on floor.
  • Enjoy simplest assembling to erect cabinet
  • Use also for hazardous chemical storage.
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Cigarette Storage and Display Cabinet

 Cigarette Display Shelf Flap :

  • Used to cover cigarettes from display to comply with tobacco regulations.
  • Unique mechanism with magnets and hinge bars.
  • Can be customized as per needs and then assembled.
  • Opens by simply lifting and closes itself.
  • Size: 2' Wide X 1' High
  • Can be adjusted to the existing Cigarette Display.
  • Price: $ 40.00 for 2' Wide X 1' High
Cigarette Display Shelf Flap

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