Glassessential ® offers high performance Metal Sputtered window films developed with cutting-edge technology for optimum safety with maximum benefits and as well as to cater wide spectrums of residential and commercial usage.


  • Unique ingredients: The polyester coating used in this window tinting film is fully sputter-metalized, crystal clear and laminated with special adhesives along with a durable, scratch-resistant coating to give an elegant look and feel.
  • Exclusive technology: Using a special Sputtering technology (knocking and re-deposition) to engrave the resistive metal layer on top of the polyester film makes our Metal Sputtered window film so unique in nature – durable, dual reflective and energy efficient. Just the perfect match for your commercial and residential applications.


Metal Sputtered Film


  • Metal Sputtered solar control window tinting films take care of proper lighting control or balance inside and give an enhanced, crystal clear look outside.
  • Use of advanced production technology makes it durable, resilient and high performer.
  • Metal Sputtered window films are available in different variations to suit your needs like virtually unnoticeable, spectrally selective window films and neutral, dual-reflective versions.
  • Our product ranks high in delivering impressive solar energy acceptance and ultraviolet rays rejection performance, maintaining an optimum balance between light-shade parameters and high reflection.
  • Thicker version of GlassEssential safety film is also available so that you get an enhanced protection from glass breakage.
  • It is a matter of pride for us at that our Metal Sputtered window tints have been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation and we are working closely with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


At Glassessential, exclusive technology, state-of-the-art materials and strict quality standards go into right mix to manufacture these unique Metal Sputtered window films. They are specifically designed to control solar electromagnetic energy and to boost the comfort level and protection coverage of any application while maintaining an elegance and wow factor!

When you have a choice, why not make good use of it? Why not attempt to get full value for money by making a smart decision? Allow us at to help you with our window tinting services.

Eye opener:

Here you can view the performance results of Metal Sputtered tint’s architectural film, make a comparative study between the VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) and UV (Ultraviolet) and TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) for each film, check which one suits your requirements and accordingly take a call on which one to pick. Need assistance? Surely you will find us beside you! We will assess your property and guide you in your choice of window tinting films. Rest assured our window tinting film delivers style, comfort, energy efficiency and protection!

GlassEssential Metal Sputtered window tinting film offers 3-in-1 glass improvement solution. It combines excellent service and qualitative product performance to provide you with the coolest climate - a protected interior and a safer home or office.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the heat without feeling the glare of it on your skin and eyes? With Metal Sputtered Window Tints films from, you get only the safer, refined portion of the natural heat while the harmful heat remains outside, far away from you! No curtains, no blinds; no darkness, no extra reflection!

Unparallel advantages:

  • You may be fond of tan but certainly not your furnishings, upholstery or paintings. The latter get faded and discolored by the UV rays transmitted into your room. You will love Metal Sputtered tints for maintaining the novelty of your interiors.
  • Our Metal Sputtered window films also prove to be a partial deterrent to premature skin aging and some potential skin cancers.
  • Small accidents can have serious consequences. Glass shards flying about can wound and damage interior furnishings and your face and body. Metal Sputtered window film from GlassEssential keeps the shards together. Moreover, the film checks burglars from gaining entry.


No wonder Metal Sputtered window tinting Film is a top choice of homeowners, architects, designers and facility managers.We will be happy to hear from you and happier to provide you with a free estimate!