Improve your surroundings by protecting your property from harmful sunlight with GLASSESSENTIAL® IR Control Window Film. The IR Control Window Film is a seemingly invisible film installed upon windows to keep out uncomfortable heat, protect furnishings and let in a clear and harmless view.


IR Control Window Film is an infra-red control window film with non-reflective properties developed at premium standard in terms of quality, appearance and performance. We use the highest caliber raw materials like gold and silver in a 15 layer construction process results in a high visible light transmission and non-reflective properties. Users will get a flawless appearance and maximum solar protection, that’s why these films are the top choice for architects, designers and homeowners when using films for commercial and residential buildings.


Panorama IR Control FilmIR Control Window FilmInfra-red Control Window Film

GLASSESSENTIAL® IR Control Window Films Provide

  • Lower cooling costs and a relief from uncomfortable heat resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  • Protects from Sun IR Rays.
  • 99% UV protection for upholstery, furnishings and paintings from discoloring.
  • An indoor sun block against harmful sunlight for you, protecting you from pre-mature aging and skin cancer.
  • Limited lifetime residential and 12 year commercial warranty.
  • A flawless and natural window appearance

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