Window Film for Building

GLASSESSENTIAL® Solar Control Window Films are ideal in maintaining ambient light while keeping you cool and comfortable. These window films are developed through the use of the latest technology. They will enhance the appearance of your windows and deliver remarkable results. Perfect for commercial and residential use, they protect what is inside and embellish the look outside.

Our Solar Control Window Films are made of sputter metalized, crystal clear and laminated polyester with special adhesives and finished with a durable, scratch-resistant coating. The films are available in unnoticeable, spectrally selective window films and neutral, dual-reflective versions. Both offer impressive solar protection and maintain an optimum balance between darkness and high refection. These window films are ideal for style and comfort against solar rays and reflect up to 80% of the total solar energy.We offer 2 series of standard protective solar window films.

Window Film for Buildingskin cancer sealSterling Window Films

Sterling Window Films

The Sterling Film series provides an abundance of solar protection while allowing a larger amount of natural light. The tints range from barely noticeable to much darker shades yet have an attenuated reflective finish on the exterior side. The darker tint of the film allows a greater degree of protection against sunlight. Sterling films ensure a temperate environment inside but allow plentiful light in.

Dual Reflective Window Films

The Dual Reflective Film Series maximizes the amount of natural light through reduced reflectance on the both the inside and outside. During the day, your privacy is broadened and during the night, views of the night are natural due to reduced reflectivity. Dual reflective films compromise of exceptional solar rejection with a more neutral finish to create an attractive series complimentary to building aesthetics.

Another Dual Reflective Film includes a coppery finish, which results in a light golden film known as Autumn Bronze. It is ideal for an area with a high glare factor that requires minimal reflectivity during the night.



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