Resistant yet discreet, light and sober, S-126 aluminium sliding grille closure.

"S-126" Security grilles come in a brick pattern design aluminum Panels. It's rod and link Brick pattern design provide remarkable lightweight. "S-126" sliding Shutter door is a open style and flexible aluminum folding grille and closure systems GlassEssential custom manufactures S-126 Sliding and folding security grille. The brick pattern  panel design will  allow view , pass airflow. It is very  economical yet strong model security grille  barrier .  S-126 Sliding grille door  is an ideal model for  interior or exterior security applications. We Supply and install  folding aluminum closure model “ S-126”  to leading business, airports and retailers . S-126 Sliding grilles can accommodate curved storefronts, variable heights.


GLASSESSENTIAL® Security Sliding and Folding Grille System S-126 is a perfect solution for your security concerns with wide application range and great functionality. This lightweight, discrete folding grille matches any décor and like all open style models, S126 is perfect for windows, storefronts and counter enclosures and other applications. Tough, distinct and flexible to operate and install, this Grille System really makes a mark with usability factor!