Wireless Alarm System and Accessories

Wireless Alarm System and Accessories

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Alarm Sensor -AS-433E

Alarm Sensor AS-433E is a perfect match for your existing electronic security system.


Audio Alarm

Audio Alarm AA433 generates a high decibel warning sound using electronic means and plays a key role to strengthen your AM 100 AAA+ Home Smart Center Wireless Security Alarm System.


Complete Wireless Security System

Complete Wireless Security System SC-1000 is a synonym for complete security, surveillance and protection needs in homes, business offices, 24x7 stores and retail operations.


DC 12V Plug-in Power Adapter

DC 12V Plug-in Power Adapter is a direct plug-in style power source for your safety devices. Its compact size and adaptability have made it an ideal component to ensure flawless power supply. Powerful DC12V Transformer, Class 2, UL and CUL listing bears the testimony of its high end quality.


Door/Window Sensor,433E

Door /Window Sensor- WT-433E is a high tech, sophisticated close circuit multiple magnetic trigger enabled sensor to provide you with a compact defense against any intrusion/ burglary.


Emergency Dialer

Emergency Dialer MS-2001 is an enhanced, voice enabled, perfectly customized situation specific device to act as great deterrent against any intrusion / forceful entry or at utmost emergency.


Emergency Dialer (1-way communication)

Emergency Dialer AD-105 (1-way communication) is a Voice dialer for immediate emergency telephone notification during emergency. It is just the ideal dialer for overall assistance, protection & security needs for your home, office or other important places.


Wireless Switch SW- 318

Wireless Switch SW- 318 is a compact, convenient and combined unit to control your lighting operations remotely and smoothly.


Flood Sensor

Flood Sensor FS101 is a precision device meant for sensing /detection of potential flooding, overflowing water level or water leakage and alerts you beforehand to take proper action to avoid damage.


Keychain Remote

Keychain Remote 4B101 is a handy, smart device to lend you an absolute control over other security monitoring units.


Keypad Control KP434

Keypad Control KP-433 / KP-434 is an external keypad device to activate other security monitoring units like Burglar Alarm Security and Garage Door Security systems with a simple press of a button.


Magnetic Switch

Magnetic Switch MS-001 plays a pivotal role in a compact inter-connected security system enabled environment. A magnetic switch comprises electric contact switches and magnets.


Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor PS 434-A has become an important security element to prevent any suspicious, unwanted entry inside your home, office or any other commercial premises.


Panic Remote

Panic Remote PT-434 is a simple device to activate other security monitoring units while potential danger arises all of a sudden. Our Panic Remote is the world's smallest, smartest Panic remote with a great coverage area of 100ft. and more.


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