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Self Monitoring Station

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Self Monitoring Station-MS200 is an autonomous monitoring system to work as a second line of defense while you are away from home. During emergency, this situation-specific self monitoring system has the automated power to trigger Pager /cell / landline dialing, remote call receiving and voice enabled prerecorded 40 secs. message service for repeated times . In case of urgency, powerful audio sensor (AS-433E) captures alarming sound from audio alarm and transmits a signal to Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) which in turn activate the system to dial up automatically up to 9 different predefined numbers of your choice for 9 times, until the call is being received and also simultaneously sends out prerecorded voice message to dialers to call for help. It is just the ideal monitoring system for emergency/intrusion detection and immediate notification service on your behalf. Besides this, even you do not need to pay a hefty monitoring fee for this product! Perfectly suitable for people who already own an existing security system (wireless or hardwire) or paying monitoring fee every month to avail this kind of service.



  • Advanced Voice enabled monitoring system for immediate emergency notification.
  • Programmed to perform predefined situation based application specific operation.
  • Unique functionality of a powerful audio sensor (AS-433E) which senses/ detects any alarming sound from existing alarm system and triggers the Control Panel to activate Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) to call for help.
  • Calls for help up to 9 predefined emergency telephone / pager numbers.
  • Dials each phone number up to 9 times.
  • Repeats emergency 40 seconds message to a telephone number up to 9 times.
  • Highly audible Tone/ Pulse dialing.
  • Get freedom from any recurring monthly monitoring fees and feel secured for life!


MS-200 Includes:

An Emergency Phone Dialer (AD-433S).
An Alarm Sensor (AS-433E).
Two Adapters.
Two 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries.
Phone Line




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