SC-1000 Wireless Security System:

Getting and installing an alarm system in your home has never been so easy. Choose the Wireless Security Kit with additional accessories. Buy security systems with confidence with best price  from Canadian security specialists since 2005. This  SC-1001 Wireless Alarm system is a complete alarm system and emergency dialer with no monitoring fees.The  Wireless Alarm System provides Complete Control of your home or business security..Get the best alarm systems in Canada and Protect your home and your family with the most advanced and reliable wireless home security system. SC-1000 Wireless Alarm Systems is a complete do-it-yourself appliance ideal for protecting your property. 

Wireless Alarm System



  • Easy and fast installation
  • Plug & Play and Rolling Code Technology
  • Automatically calls for help in the event of an emergency
  • Dials up to 9 different numbers of your choice
  • Sends out your personal 40-second message
  • No monitoring costs
  • Advanced Technology reduces false alarms
  • Not a physical barrier


  • Having a motion sensor and two door/window sensors, the system covers enough for a decent size house
  • Emergency dialer AD433S is your own monitoring center with no monthly charges
  • The Control Panel can control up to 30 different sensors like- door/window sensor, motion sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor, temperature sensor etc.
  • If any of these sensors are triggered when the system is armed, the siren will sound
  • It will then send a wireless signal to the dialer that will simultaneously call for help
  • You can program the emergency dialer to call up to 9 different phone numbers including your own cell phone, pager, your doctor, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Once the recipient picks up the phone, the emergency dialer will play your pre-recorded message and inform the recipient that you are in an emergency situation and to send help right away.


  • Homes
  • Business Offices
  • 24-hour stores
  • Retail Operations
  • Other areas where security is a concern.

Components and accessories:

  • A Control Panel (SC-001)
  • A Motion Sensor (PS-434A)
  • Two Door/Window Sensors (WT-433)
  • A Keychain Transmitter (4B-434)
  • An Emergency Dialer (AD-433S)
  • Two Adapters
  • Three 9V Alkaline Batteries
  • Three 12V Alkaline Batteries
  • Phone line
 Additional Security System Accessories (Optional Purchase):
  • Temperature Sensor TS 434
  • Keypad Control KP434
  • Mon Seotinsor PS434A
  • Door/Window Sensor WT 433 E
  • Key chain Remote  4B434
  • Key Chain Remote 4B433A
  • Panic Remote PT 434
  • Flood Sensor (for basement flood situation) FS 433 E
  • Vibration Sensor (i.e. Glass Breakage, RV, Boats, Car security etc) VS 433 E
  • Alarm Sensor (Repeater ) AS433 E
  • Silent Alarm SW 433
  • Audio Alarm (Secondary or Outdoor) AA433
  • Emergency Dialer MS 2001
  • Wrist Watch Style Panic Button (For emergency)HW 434
  • Garage Door Sensor GS 433
  • Smoke Detector Sensor






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