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Home Alarm System

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wireless Home Burglar Security Alarm Systems monitors your home by giving you alert notifications when the system is not armed. It is also a home automation center allowing you to remotely control household appliances and lights even when you are away from home. It can be made more convenient and powerful if controlled by a cellular device. 


AM-100 AAA+TM Home Smart Center Alarm System Incorporates:

  • Burglar Alarm
  • Alert
  • Automation
  • Communicator

Features :

  • Burglar alarm for home with Rolling Code Technology
  • 5 programmable and supervised zones for different sensors for complete security
  • Security system works with up to 10 sensors, 5 control modules and 5 keychain remotes
  • Master, Second and Duress PIN available to operate this security system efficiently
  • 5 programmable telephone numbers in-built dialer in security system
  • Built-in auto dialer with digital dialer function
  • Fault line monitoring
  • User can call in to check system status with this alarm system
  • Security System announcement by human voice in English, French, Spanish and German (vary by models)
  • Wall mounting
  • FCC/IC approved; CE mark; ETL listed
  • One year warranty
  • No Monitoring Fees
  • Friendly communicator
  • Gives notification of the triggered sensors by voice announcement , unique beeping and LED flashing.

Components and accessories :

  • AM-001 Control Panel
  • 4B-101 Keychain Remote
  • Two WD-101 Door/Window Sensors
  • PS-101 Motion Sensor
  • AC adapter and rechargeable battery and all DC batteries for sensors
  • Mounting materials and phone line.

AAA+TM   Accessories

  • Control Panel AM-001
  • Audio AlarmAA-433
  • Emergency Dialer AD-433S
  • Keychain Remote B-101
  • Keypad Control P-434
  • Alarm Sensor S-101
  • Flood Sensor S-101
  • Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor S-101
  • Door/Window Sensor D-101
  • Temperature Monitor Sensor S-101
  • Garage Door Monitor Sensor GS-101
  • Repeater P-434
  • Control Module (US and Canada) SW-100.


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