Rolling Shutter

Aluminum Foam Filled Slat Roll Up door

Add protection, privacy and insulation to your home


We manufacture foam-filled roller shutter .The slats of roll formed aluminum filled with polyurethane foam insulation,.These exterior shutters for your home or business provide insulation, security, noise control and  weather protection. They are made from a high-quality aluminum with an insulating form core. Aluminium roller shutters with sound-absorbing and CFC-free insulating foam are best to save heat loss, sound barrier and getting security. Insulated Roller Shutters provide a secure and weatherproof closure to large or small openings.

Aluminum Foam Filled Slat Roll Up door Features :

  • Attractive alternative to steel gates or doors in terms of ultimate security 
  • Polyurethane foam used for insulation
  • Selection from our  Regular, High and Ultra high density Polyurethane foam
  • Shutters can be pull-strap, crank-operated, or motorized.
  • Motorized control offers the most flexibility. The switches can be operated with Rocker Switch or Wireless Remote Control. The shutters can be operated all at once or  individually
  • Locking can be Slide bolt, Key lock or auto locks and it’s selection is depend on type of operator selected.
  • Rolling Shutter Curtains are interlocking flat faced slats
  • Maximum width of Rolling Shutter is 204”
  • Maximum Height of rolling shutter is 156”
  • Motors recommended on rolling shutters over 10'-0"
  • Easy to install on any existing home and business
  • Highly competitive price in Canada, USA.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Aluminum foam filled Slat Shutters provide:

  • Security and Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Privacy
  • Total Light Control
  • Noise control- Sound proofing
  • Weather Protection

 Advantages :

  • Space-saving and hence conserve all floor, wall and overhead areas required in operating other types of doors
  • Vertical action is not hampered by closely piled merchandise on the inside - nor by ice, snow or outside obstructions
  • Foam-filled Rolled Aluminum Slat
  • Not easily Impenetrable due to the metal  wall
  • Safe from damage; extra protection against fire, wind, weather and vandalism.
  • Low repair costs: if accidentally damaged, slats in the shutters' curtain can be replaced individually
  • Mounted on the exterior of the building, protecting glass windows and doors and interiors
  • Customized as per orders following stringent manufacturing guidelines. Special attention is given right from the selection of raw material for aluminum shutter to its color and assembling.
  • Aesthetically pleasant and available in a variety of architectural designs
  • Use of an upward coiling rolling shutter provides a secure divider
  • Can be operated inside or outside of the building, using electric motors, manual gears or a pull-tape system
  • Use a series of slats that roll up into housing for storage. The slats, when rolled down, are guided by tracks on each side. Each installation must have adequate space for side tracks up to 3" each side and room for a hood at the top, 6" - 12" depending on the height of the opening.

Roll-Up Shutters Applications:

  • Window
  • Door
  • Patio Door
  • Store Front
  • Counter
  • Liquor Bar
  • Sun Room

Foam-filled Rolled Aluminum Slat Roll-Up Shutters manufactured by GLASSESSENTIAL provides security, extreme weather protection,energy conservation & noise control. This is a premium quality aluminum rolling shutter that prevents burglars from gaining entry and simultaneously protects from storm and other weather damage. It is the most convenient combination of toughness, beauty, utility and energy-efficiency. Finest of materials are used to ensure resistance to fading also. Customized rolling shutters made of high grade aluminum foam-filled slats with a baked-on enamel finish are also available. With the ever increasing number of break-ins and vandalism, GLASSESSENTIAL Rolling Shutters proves essential property part.

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