Rolling_shutter_perforated_aluminum_561_5 561 Series Grille Rolling Shutter -

Grille Type Light Weight security Roll Up Shutters

We custom manufactur of light weight aluminum grille type roll up shutter. Our 561 series shutter made of  aluminum  slat with square perforation allows airflow, light to flow thru. It gives distinct appeal of grille and at the same time provide high security.

Want to create a unique look with rolling shutter? Choose GLASSESSENTIAL® 561 Series of Grille Type Rolling Shutter. Composed of perforated aluminum slat, they are an architect’s favorite. Ideal for behind window, door and counter security or just aesthetic pleasure – 561 Series is a sure hit!

Features of Grille type Roll Up Shutter:

  • Provides maximum security .
  • Privacy due to opaque appearance.
  • Maintains light and ventilation in your home or office.
  • Allow fresh air.
  • Open style design.
  • Adds value to your aesthetics.

561 Series Roll up Technical Specifications:

  • Extruded Aluminum Slat with Perforation.
  • Finish: Anodized Aluminum
  • Maximum width: 228"
  • Maximum Height of Rolling Shutter: 168"
  • Maximum Area of rolling shutter: 200 sq. ft.
  • Operator Options: Motorized, Manual Push Up and Down , Crank Operation, Tape Operation
  • Installation Options: Face-of-Wall Installation, Recess Mount under Lintel Installation
  • Shutters can be pull-strap, crank-operated, or motorized.
  • Motorized control offers the most flexibility. The switches can be operated with Rocker Switch or Wireless Remote Control. The shutters can be operated all at once or  individually
  • Locking can be Slide bolt, Key lock or auto locks and it’s selection is depend on type of operator selected.
  • Lead Production time: Only 1 week after confirmed shop drawing