530 Series Roll up Shutters is unique due to its Polycarbonate insert. Transparent roll shutter makes this it an ideal see-through application for residential and commercial use.Clear Polycarbonate roll up shutter provides transparancy with high impact resistance . Polycarbonate is engineering polymer which is Strong as Steel, Clear as Glass! .Our Transparent roll up shutter with polycarbonate is designed to provide an option to traditional rolling shutters.The main advantages of polycarbonate are high strength and light weight provides a very good transparency and durability.Many outstanding characteristics, including: High transparency, making polycarbonate roll up door ideal for use in protective panelling .

530 Series Roll up Shutters Features:

  • Provides protection and viewing at same time
  • Use of clear polycarbonate slat
  • Maintaining security and keeping an eye on the ongoing at the other side
  • Maintains light in your home or office
  • Ensures complete visibility
  • Adds value to your aesthetics
  • Clear Polycarbonate Slat, 70 MM High Slat; ensures full visibility

 Technical specifications:

  • Type of slat – Clear lexan, polycarbonate ,single Wall, Curved.
  • Slat Connector : Clear Anodized Finish.
  • Colors for Hood and Guide Rails – Arctic white, ivory tusk, aluminum grey, medium brown.
  • 530 Series Shutter cover Maximum Width 120 Inches.
  • 530 Series Shutter cover Maximum height of 98 Inches.
  • 530 Series Shutter cover Maximum area of 50 sq ft.
  • Mostly  Used for indoor applications.
  • Production – 7-10 Days.
  • Lead time – Only 1 week after confirmed shop drawing.

 NOTE: 530 Series Rolling shutter is for internal use only