Quick Release Window Bars- Hinged

Our Quick release window security bars are made of architectural grade aluminum. It comes with quick release mechanism and provides instant release in emergency exit situation. It is available in standard white powder coat finish. It provides high security…
Security & Surveillance Camera System

1.3 MP - 8 IP Camera System

1.3 MP - 8 IP Security & Surveillance Camera System
Roll Up Shutters

Exploded View and Parts of Roll Up shutter

Motorized Roll up Shutter Exploded View and Parts technical Detail:
Wire Mesh Partition

Tool Box

We custom manufacture Wire mesh Tool box with different shapes and sizes.
Wire Mesh Partition

Access Dolly Platform

We custom manufacture wire mesh Access Dolly Platform for reaching restricted area with and safe access.
Wire Mesh Partition

Truck Box

We custom manufacture Expanded metal Truck Box in various size for storage during traveling .
Wire Mesh Partitions

Stock Cart

We custom manufacture expanded metal mesh stocking cart with two and three side options.
Wire Mesh Partitions

Garage Storage Locker

GlassEssential custom manufacture wire mesh storage boxes for garage to mount overhead so cars can easily park and no space will be blocked on floor
rollup_11p Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Specifications of Wood Roll Up Door

Wood Roll Up Shutter Architectural Specifications We’re dedicated to continuing our tradition of providing you with the finest in custom craftsmanship, product selection and value. But we don’t stop there. We’re also committed to making your job easier and as…
Accordion Doors Selection Guide

Accordion Doors Selection Guide

SERIES 140 -Closet- Utility- Wardrobe Accordion Door The 140 series accordion door is recommended for closets, utility rooms, storage rooms, or wardrobe areas where a door with "one finished side" is appropriate.Why use an accordion door for a closet door?…
Room Dividers

Installation Instructions of Accordion Doors | Room Dividers

Open the box and remove the contents. Dry fit the track in the opening. The track can be shortened with a hack saw, but, remember to clean out any shavings before they get mixed up with the grease. The next step is a lot easier if you get someone to give you…
Rolling Grille

Rolling Grille Vertical Section Details

Rolling Grille Vertical Section Drawings and architectural details
Rolling Grille

Roll Up Security Grille Thumbturn Protection

Thumbturn Protection for Roll up security Grille door to prevent opening by inserting hand thru.
Security Grille

Roller Grille Support Possibilities

Layout and ceiling mounting Support Possibilities for Rolling Grille
Rolling Grille Guide Details

Rolling Grille Guide Details

Details of Aluminum Side Guide Rail (Track) for Rolling Decurity Grille Curtain
Roll Up Grille End Plate Details

Roll Up Grille End Plate Details

Rolling Grille End Plates details in metric and imperial system: Details in Imperial System:
Roller Grille Ceiling Details

Roller Grille Ceiling Details

Ceiling Details and Access Panel for Rolli Up Security Grilles
Anti Graffiti film specifications

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Films : Protects vandal-vulnerable surfaces Anti Graffiti Film- Protective window film from GlassEssential reduces property damage. Protect your business from vandalism with anti graffiti film.
Window Tinting Film for Automobiles

Window Tinting Film for Automobiles

Window tinting Films from GLASSESENTIAL® do wonders to your car. It blocks harmful UV rays, resists solar heat, protects car windows from scratch and enhances safety, security, longevity, appearance factor of your car. We provide a wide array of car window…
dc9e231f652301f80ea8e901bd9ec18a Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Mesh Locker

Our wire mesh lockers are the durable, practical and multi-purpose solution for converting any space into a secure storage.custom steel wire mesh lockers for apartment tenant, school students, workplace employee . Wire Mesh Lockers are ideal for storing…
Typical Lay Out of Side Folding Sliding Grille

Typical Lay Out of Side Folding Sliding Grille

Ability to form any special curves down to 356mm minimum radius Possible to follow any curve or profile for our sliding grille product Flexibility and mobility of our folding grille provide limitless options for imaginative design layouts to suit any shape or…
color options for folding barrier

Colour Details for Folding Access Control Partition

Folding Barriers are available in classy color finishes, namely – clear, champagne, light bronze, bronze and black.
Custom Wood Accordion Door and room dividers

Custom Wood Accordion Door

Custom-crafted accordion doors divide any space with natural and acceptable variations in wood grain characteristics, textures and color tones beautifully.Manufacturers of custom made accordion folding doorsThe most complete line of Custom Wood Accordion…
Accordion Doors-Room Dividers for Commercial Applications

Accordion Doors | Room Dividers for Commercial Applications

Flexibility and usability when get mixed with stunning visual aspect, it increases the viability of any commercial space. Wide range of GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood folding commercial series of Accordion shutter and Doors are just meant for it. It saves space and…
Accordion Doors for security applications

Accordion Doors for security applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® security accordion door for Security Application not only offer sleek, dramatic styling, but also a smart way to securely divide or close off an area. Our Visifold see-through commercial and retail security doors provide an eye-catching,…
Accordion Doors -Room Dividers for Acoustic Applications- for reducing distracting noise.

Accordion Doors | Room Dividers for Acoustic Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® Acoustic Partitions or Wood Folding Accordion Shutters and Doors for acoustic sound control offer a great solution for reducing distracting noise and adding aesthetic style to your application zone. Sturdy, flexible and visually elegant, these…
Residential Accordion Doors-Room Dividers

Residential Accordion Doors | Room Dividers

Flexibility and usability when get mixed with stunning visual aspect, it increases the viability of any commercial space. Wide range of GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood folding commercial series of Accordion shutter and Doors are just meant for it. It saves space and…
Series 140 Accordion Door for Closets, Utility rooms, Storage

Series 140 Accordion Door for Closets, Utility rooms, Storage

Residential Accordion Wardrobe / Closet Room Doors Series 140 : The Series 140 accordion door is designed for use in areas where only one good side is needed such as a wardrobe area, closets, or a utility rooms.The 140 series accordion doors incorporate our…
Accordion Doors for Room Divider

Series 220 Accordion Doors for Room Divider

Series 220: Commercial/Residential Custom Wood Folding Accordion Shutter Doors Room Residential Applications Dividers- Finished On Two Sides. ADA COMPATIBLE.
Series 240 Accordion Doors- Room Dividers

Series 240 Room Divider Accordion Doors

Series 240 Accordion Doors: Series 240 features exclusive steel hardware system that assure flawless performance and durability. Series 240 door functions as instant walls and doors when needed. The 240 series folding accordion door is economical, easy to…
Series 440 Clear Acrylic Accordion Door for security

Series 440 Clear Acrylic Accordion Door

Series 440 Clear Acrylic Accordion Door : Folding Accordion Door Series 440 is an all-new concept accordion shutter meant for better security, visibility and flexibility to be used in retail or commercial space. Completely see-through and boasting of…
Series 540 Security Accordion Door

Series 540 Clear Acrylic Security Accordion Door

Series 540 Security Accordion Door : S540 Series is a special type of security accordion doors that maximize security in retail or commercial venues, without minimizing eye appeal. Visifold Series 540 Custom made using vinyl, laminates, wood, aluminum, or…
Aluminum Panel Accordion Door Series 640

Series 640 Aluminum Panel Divider | Accordion Doors

Series 640 Security Accordion Door :Series 640 is the ideal choice for a variety of installations requiring strength, functionality and sleek and streamlined good looks. With GLASSESSENTIAL securing an area or room never means settling for a dull,…
Aluminum Panel Security Accordion Door

Series 740 Aluminum Panel Security Accordion Door

SERIES 740 Aluminum Folding Door GLASSESSENTIAL® Series 740 is Mainly Used For Both Industrial & Commercial Applications and ideal choice for a variety of installations requiring strength, functionality and sleek and streamlined good looks. With…
Acoustical Accordion Door

Series 2100 Acoustical Accordion Door

Acoustical Folding Partition Series 2100 GLASSESSENTIAL® SERIES 2100 accordion door is a product that adds beauty to your space and fulfills your necessities. Single-walled acoustic partitions are ideally suited to places where some degree of sound reduction…
Acoustical Accordion Room Partition

Series 3300 Acoustical Accordion Room Partition

Accordion Acoustical Room Dividers - Partitions - Series 3300 GLASSESSENTIAL® SERIES 3300 is one of the unique practical solutions for space, sound and heat loss control. Our Series 3300 acoustic room partition is a smart yet affordable alternative to the…
Measuring Instructions for Accordion Doors

Measuring Instructions for Accordion Doors | Room Dividers

Measuring Instructions for installing GlassEssential® wood Accordion door elaborately guide you to measure your opening area precisely to order accordion door which fits and align to existing space. Go step by step: Measure the width of the opening. Measure…
Color and Finish of Accordion Doors

Color and Finish of Accordion Doors | Room Dividers

Natural Hardwood Color Chips Features: GLASSESSENTIAL® natural hardwood veneers are bonded to a solid ¼” core. Finished with a clear non tinted lacquer. Natural color and grain characteristics like natural wood. Installed with tailor-made finishing services.
Roll up Shutter

Aluminum Foam Filled Slat Roll Up door

Add protection, privacy and insulation to your home We manufacture foam-filled roller shutter .The slats of roll formed aluminum filled with polyurethane foam insulation,.These exterior shutters for your home or business provide insulation, security, noise…
Solid Aluminum Roll up Shutter

560 Series Solid Aluminum Roll Up door

Secure Home and Business with solid aluminum roll up shutter. Our 560 series roll up shutter is made of high-grade aluminum extruded slats. The solid 560 series aluminum roll up door protects your premises against intruders and bad weather. solid aluminum…
Rolling_shutter_perforated_aluminum_561_4 Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

561 Series Grille Roll Up door

Grille Type Light Weight security Roll Up Shutters We custom manufactur of light weight aluminum grille type roll up shutter. Our 561 series shutter made of aluminum slat with square perforation allows airflow, light to flow thru. It gives distinct appeal of…
Roller shutter Slat Selection

Roller shutter Slat Selection

GLASSESSENTIAL® offers a wide range of slat selection for roller shutter in various material, type, color or dimension to make your project a solid and pleasing one.Select from following Slat

Roll Up Shutter Operator Types

GlassEssential® Rolling Shutter- Operators bring efficiency, functionality and convenience to control Rolling Shutters. To enhance more flexibility and control, these shutters are operated by one of following device. Manual Up and down – Counter balance…
Roll Up Shutter Hood and Housing

Roll Up Shutter Hood and Housing

GLASSESSENTIAL® Rolling Shutters have hoods that are metal-made and available indifferent finish. Hoods sizes are dependent on shutter height. It increases in size with height of rolling shutter. When Installed they are sealed for weather proofing if used…
Rolling Shutter Soffit Installation

Roll Up Door Installation Types

GLASSESSENTIAL® has a unique array of rolling shutters, each with a difference, custom-made. As for installation, there are three distinct ways of installing these rolling shutters, regardless of the type of structure they are being fit to.
Image gallery for rollup shutter

Application Gallery

Roll Up Shutter Image Gallery
Wood Roll Up door Residential Applications

Wood Roll Up door Residential Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® wood roll-up shutter doors have great value when applied in your home. Be it protection or be it aesthetics – roll-up shutter doors are sure to become the cynosure of your home.
Wood Roll Up Doors

Wood Roll Up door Commercial Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood Roll-up Doors are applicable in homes as well as offices, protecting and beautifying your property.
Wood Roll Up door - Shttle Doors

Finish Selection for Wood Roll Up door

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood Roll-Up Shutter Doors are manufactured and crafted of the finest natural hardwoods.
Default Image

Bookcase Doors

Bookcase Room Dividers | Bookcase Doors
Window Shutter

Window Shutter

GlassEssential® Window Shutters are custom made Hardwood Shutters for Windows and Doors to bring décor style, visual facet and elegance to home or office or any other application zone. Made of finest quality of woods, endowed with best finishes and surface…
Traditional Window Shutter

Traditional Window Shutter

GLASSESSENTIAL® Traditional Window Shutters are made of hardwood. The technique of past and the technology of today have made these traditional shutters a favorite among property owners – home or office!

Plantation Window Shutter

GLASSESSENTIAL® Plantation Window Shutters present a perfect combination of graciousness and rough-and-tough beauty. They suit any setting, as they are custom made.
Non-Reflective Automotive Solar Control Film

Non-Reflective Automotive Solar Control Film (Dyed)

Non-reflective Automotive Window Film from GLASSESSENTIAL® is a select dyed window film installed on automotives for excellent solar and UV ray protection. If you want stylish sleek looks and long-lasting durability, this is what you’re looking for. The film…
Window Tinting Laws

Window Tinting Laws

WINDOW TINTING LAWS CANADA Window tinting laws are different in each province of Canada. A brief summary of laws in each province is listed below.
Metalized Solar Control film-Auto

Metalized Solar Control film-Auto

Metalized Solar Control Films from GlassEssential are premium high Performance (HP) car window films manufactured utilizing sputtering process to stack different metals into "spectrally selective" layers to produce specific shades and performance…
Panorama IR Control Film

IR Control Window Film

Improve your surroundings by protecting your property from harmful sunlight with GLASSESSENTIAL® IR Control Window Film. The IR Control Window Film is a seemingly invisible film installed upon windows to keep out uncomfortable heat, protect furnishings and…
Window Decorative Films

Window Decorative Films

GLASSESSENTIAL ® Decorative Window Films will enhance the appearance of any room for a fraction of the cost of glass panels. These films are available in a variety of patterns and shades, easily removable and replaceable for future decoration. Whatever the…
Technical Specifications of security film for glass

Technical Specifications

SECURITY FILM WINDOW TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Security Window Film - Technical Specifications Category Property Measurement SL 20 SL 14 SL 11 SL 11 SL 9 SF 7 SF 6 SF 6 SF 5 Physical Tint Shade Clear Clear Grey Silver Clear Clear Grey Silver Clear Layers Count…
color graphic window film 1

Colored Graphic Film

GLASSESSENTIAL® Colored Graphic Window Film is an excellent potential addition to any room with color. Use our graphic films to give a colorful touch to your glass window screen.
Measuring Instruction for Window and Door Size to order Window Bars

How to Measure Window and Door Size for Window Bars

To measure window and door size for security window bars installation, Carefully measure from wood door jamb (brickmold) to wood door jamb and measure for the opening in three places vertically and horizontally - use the smallest of each of the three…

Aluminum Fixed and Removable Window Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Aluminum Window Security Bars are fixed and removable in nature. They protect residential and store front windows where aesthetics and security is a close fit. These FIXED AND REMOVABLE TYPE security bars are power-coated for exterior use and…
removable window security bars

Steel Removable Security Bars

Steel Removable Window Security Bar with features of expansion, swing and removable are ideal for small windows for residential applications It is protecting from burglars and trespassers. Just fit this high quality Security Bars in your basement, rear…
Window_bars_2 Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Steel Fixed Window Security Bars

Steel Folding Window Security Bar is a fixed type security bar to serve as an ideal security solution for your residential, commercial and industrial windows. Add on features like variant fixtures for easy mounting, provision for expansion with sleeve…
Window_ Security_ Bars_spanishW1 Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Decorative Window Security Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Decorative Window Security Guards are available for commercial and residential applications.
window_-Security_bars_Alarm Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Bandit Security Bars

GLASSESSENTIAL® Bandit Alarmed window Security Bars gives an enhanced protection to your home or office from burglars or intruders. The window provides the ultimate security when fitted with an alarm which sets on if the bars are dislodged. The bars are…
window_door_security_wire_mesh_screen_alarm Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Alarm Wire Screen

GLASSESSENTIAL® Alarm Wire Screen brings together a security screen which is simple enough to fit your existing frame or new custom made frame and a special alarm mesh which has interwoven detection wires every four inches. A magnetic reed switch tamper and…
Expanded Metal Window Grille

Expanded Metal Window Grille

Achieve maximum security with an expanded custom-made steel metal mesh. This is an excellent permenant solution for your high security residential and commercial applications. With a painted, powder-coated or galvanized finishing option, attain even greater…
Wire Mesh Window Guard

Wire Mesh Window Guard

Protect window and door with GLASSESSENTIAL® 10 gauge welded Wire Mesh Window Guard. It prevents breakins, burglaries and robberies. Custom made to fit your window and door size . Aesthetically pleasing finishes available.
Basement Window Well Cover

Basement Window Well Cover

Cover basement window well from leaves, dust and debris and also protect against potential brak-in from basement windows.Custom made with expanded metal mesh to fit your window well size and longetivity.
Folding Window Grille

Folding Window Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Window Grilles are designed to provide elegant look, strong security barrier with ease of operation.
Fire-Exit-Plan Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Fire Evacuation Plan

GLASSESSENTIAL® security bars can help you keep your family safe from intruders however could also put you in a deadly situation if precautions have not been taken. Here’s your checklist:
Security Screen Storm Door

Security Screen Storm Door

Our Security Screen Storm Doors are made from a high Quality steel for high security and superiro coating prevents from rust and corrosion. Our storm doors are designed while keeping customer security and satisfaction our utmost priority.
Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Opener allows doors to open and close automatically without much effort of the users.
Expanded Metal Door Grille

Expanded Metal Door Grille

Expanded Metal mesh Door Grille are made of high qualty steel provide ultimate protection and custom-made to fit on windows of the doors. The grilles prevent door lock opening from outside by intruders.
Security Gate for patio sliding door

Patio Door Security Gate

Patio Door Security gates - home owners love these Security gate for Sliding Patio Doors since they can have the gate locked and still have the patio door open for fresh air.Safeguard your homewith our security gate for patio door against burglary and force…
Security Gate for Residential Door

Security Gate for Residential Door

Durability and ultimate security , Our Security Gate doors are constructed with extra-strong hardened steel and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our Security gate allow care free ventilation and air flow inside residence..GlassEssential security gate for…
Security Gate for Commercial Entrance Door

Security Gate for Commercial Entrance Door

GLASSESSENTIAL® Security Door Gates for commercial application offer easy to use doors that have secured lock systems and grilles that will provide thorough ventilation.
Grizzly Exit Door Security Bar

Grizzly Exit Door Security Bar

Grizzly bar- exit door security bar for commercial exit door suitable for a variety of door applications including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors. Our security door bars are manufactured to the most common door sizes and available for Outswing and…
Architectural / Contemporary Security Storm Door

Decorative Storm Door

GlassEssential Storm door provides security, weather protection and durability you expect in storm doors with the beauty and style you want for your home.Our Storm door provides Beauty, durability, security and an energy efficient house.
Garden Gate

Garden Gate

Make your back yrad and garden more secure with our gareden gate which could prevent an intruder from getting into your home, Solid steel Welded construction with aesthetically pleasing design makes our garden gate most appealing to home owners.…
f60a47f7792630a3a86bc14c0657e89c Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Mesh Fence and Partitions

We carry a variety of welded wire mesh fencing including cage and customize for every project. We have a solution for variety of quality Garden & Utility Fencing and Outdoors wire mesh fencing.we use 10 gauge welded wire for extra security of our fencing…
f60a47f7792630a3a86bc14c0657e89c Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Partiton Panel Size

GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire mesh Partition standard Parts available in standard size and we also manufacture custom size partitions panel, doors. 10-gauge wire in 2"X 2" and 2" X 1" grid panels in Standard size are manufactured in quantity and maintained in stock.By…
f60a47f7792630a3a86bc14c0657e89c Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Mesh Color and Size

We provide wire mesh in 2" X 2" , 2" X 1", expanded metal pattern welded in each intersection of wires ,.Our enamle, galvanising and powder coating method maximizes wire mesh corrosion resistance.Select Color and Size to best fit your requirement .
9ded0288e863fbe79d863f606cb05c21 Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Mesh Cage

Wire Mesh Security Cages & Partitions. : Our cage Wire mesh provides a consistent and uniform mesh count to fabricate dimensionally Reduce pilferage, protect inventory, and increase safety by installing a tamper-resistant, secure partition. We keep stocks of…
8dc425b2acbf9c68064b8a63eae1ffbc Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Cage Configuration

Our wire cages are high-security, heavy duty applications.Which type of wire panels. Wire mesh Cage Configuration can be associated with existing walls. Depend on numbers of existing wall you can decide number of side of wire mesh panels. For Example if you…
4ab4b6df96c060fa741e97b50eafb07c Security Products Categories from GlassEssential GlassEssenial

Wire Pallet Rack Enclosure

Completely Enclose your Pallet Rack system and secure inventory! . Stop inventory theft, secure product “where it sits,” which is what wire security rack enclosures doesPallet rack enclosure end panels are attached to the pallet rack end with flush mount. It…


Solar Control film for Building and Automobiles

Safety and security window films are polyester, or PET films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered.

Safety and Security Window Films your windows helping to protect your home and business from intruders.

OUR Window bars, Window guard , Window Grille and Window gate  PROTECT HOME/BUSINESS AND FAMILY 24/7 365 days of the year!! We have largest range of Window and door bars to keep your Home, family and Business safe."Window bars don't have to be ugly" .We custom manufacture security window bars and related products for forced entry protection.At GlassEssential  we provide a variety of products and styles options to match different applications for your home and business which includes security bars, Window guards, Window grilles, security gates, Window grates, basement window bars,Alarmed Window Screen, Alarmed Window bars ,Bandit Bars, Vera bars,Front Door Security gate, Expanded Metal Window Covering , Wire Mesh Scurity Grille and  window security film for invisible protection. Window Security bars are available in Fixed, Removable or Folding Mounting Options. Choose from Simple Looking to Highly Decorative Bras From at one place ..

We manufacture physical security solutions to keep your family safe & sound. Shop a variety of quality door security products patio door security gate, front door security grille, door duard, door security gate, automatic door closer,commercial door security gate, residential door security gate. Our products works as strong physical barrier for protection of door windows.

Our Door Security Products includes:

  • Front Door Security gate for Commercial.
  • Residential Front Door Security Gate.
  • Storm Door .
  • Screen Door with Ornamental security Gate.
  • Patio Door Security Gate.
  • Grizzly bar for Commercial Exit Door Security.
  • Garden Security gate
  • Automatic Door Closer


We make various styles of folding  Security Gates for Commercial, Industrial & Retail Security. Our folding gate use very strong special aluminum rivet connecting 1/2" ×1/2" square tubing together.A self-lubricated washer between tubing protecting scratching and providing smooth flow of operation,At the end , Folding gate web is connected to  U-channel frame making the gate stable and stronger.Our Double Diamond Folding Gates are specially designed with a narrow web making it hard to reach and most secured folding gate. A full length of double cylinder lock post make even harder to penetrate through. Our all folding gates are powder coatied, make surface shining and smooth.

Steel Folding Gates are essential to your facility for Ventilation, Visibility and Access Control.folding gate is a product that can be perfectly used to safeguard facades and doors.Limit access with steel security gates and retractable gates.Trust GlassEssential folding Gates to help secure unprotected openings and comply with OSHA and ANSI requirements. We build folding gate to operate smoothly and look good for decades to come.Glassessential design a folding gate to fit almost any Residential ,Institutional ,industrial or commercial application where security is needed.Our Folding Gates provide the ability to secure Door, Window, Counter, Cages  Receiving Doors, Lift-Up Doors, Entranceways, Hallways and more. Made of Double Wall -Steel Tubing , our steel Folding Gates are a must for your Storefront, Home , warehouse, storage, or shipping facility.With more than 25 sizes and 50 Acccesories , GlassEssential folding gate  covers any opening and any difficult jobsite with ease.Our Smooth  Glide Trackless,  folding gates are usually in stock.  With more than 7 years in the business,  GlassEssential Folding Gates is the established national leader in folding gate manufacturing.  Get a high Quality safety folding gate at very reasonable price today!We provide hassle free packing and in time delivery.

 GLASSESSENTIAL® brings to you Sliding Grilles for an uncompromising security against vandalism, break-ins and theft.

Sliding GrilleSliding GrilleSliding Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL sliding grilles protect stores, pharmacies, airports, banks, schools, stadiums, lobbies, and all the public access areas throughout America.Our Sliding grilles are tailor-made to provide an array of enclosures for store fronts.It Provide interior security without disparaging location appearance, Prevent vandalism, theft, smash and grab and Lower the cost for insurance premium. Sliding grille requires Minimal overhead clearance for the top, no floor track and Requires only 1- ½” of ceiling clearance, Folding security grille can go around curves and corners and stack neatly into the side pocket .We provide Provide architectural shop drawings for approval, including stack and weight detailing. Pocket ant pocket doors available as an option. Quick deliveries with lowest turnaround anywhere in the U.S and Canada is our priority.


  • Available with optional stainless steel hardware with extruded panels of sliding grilles,Rust worries minimized
  • When open, slides to side and stacks neatly away
  • Secures openings of virtually any width
  • Enhances footfall in the stores
  • Made of strong extruded aluminum panels, rods and tubes making an ‘open air’ design
  • Easy to open, no motors required
  • Minimal overhead clearance for the top, no floor track
  • Requires no maintenance as such
  • Available in a variety of designs and operational alternatives
  • Available in 16’ X 200’ height and length in continuous spans or bi-parted ones
  • Imaginative engineering allows for straight run, curves, glass inserts, push pads egress door handles, and more

Designer's dream !! Largest Selection of Sliding grille Models

GlassEssential makes structurally sound sliding grilles in ten different models to provide high level of security.Our Sliding grilles are durable, aesthetically pleasing and build to withstand high volume application.

Get Architectural assistance and Explore design Possibilities for sliding grille  !!

Create unlimited designing options and layout possibilities with sliding grille technical details.


GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Barrier Partitions are applicable for portable freestanding light security, crowd control and pedestrian traffic control.





  • Unique and free-standing design; requires no ceiling or floor track and quickly positions into place
  • Stores easily in the opening or can be rolled to a convenient remote location
  • Especially effective in tough situations, particularly where structural or decorative obstructions exist or where there are high arched or open ceiling
  • Applications like airport kiosks, malls (when a movie theatre is still open), stores with in-built stores (when the functioning timings are different)
  • Standard height of panels 6’ 6”
  • No maximum width control. Recommendation of maximum 7 panels, changeable as per location circumstances
  • Not a high security partition; designed to keep honest people honest.


  • GLASSESSENTIAL folding gate stacks smaller than the traditional portable scissor gate
  • Choice of designs, bold and modern or elegant and ornate
  • Optional choice of paint and anodized finishes
  • Locking cylinders available including Thumb Turns
  • Moving the product to and from the storage area requires two people. The non-marring rollers allow the folding Barrier to travel smoothly. The anti-sway latches assist moving the partition safely by keeping the panels spread apart to avoid tipping.
  • Extremely flexible and does not use a track system.
  • Locking Post: Locking posts work the same as standard side folding post. The hook bolt lead locking post is the most common to secure the partition to a wall or shelving. This post could be used on both ends. The other type of lead post is a bi-part. This combination post is commonly used on larger openings to lock two partitions together. A fixed end post is just that, permanently attached to a structure. This post can be used if the partition is not stacking to a remote location.
  • Folding Barrier panels are 36” or 42” wide. Panels that have locking post will be an additional 3 ½” wider. The depth is 2” per panel. Remember the partition is actually 115% of the opening because the panels open alternately at 135o for stability, not a flat 180o. Can be tailor-made
  • Floor sockets can be of use only if the partition needs to follow a specific lease line. The drop bolt and floor socket can help to keep the partition in position; not highly recommended because the drop bolt can be pulled out of the floor socket
  • The stacked partitions’ actual depth will vary to the number of panels that comprise the curtain used to secure the opening. Using 2” per panel by the width of the widest panel and add a couple of inches for clearance should get you close.


  • Folding Barrier
  • Sliding Barrier
  • Portable Barrier
  • Movable Barrier
  • Folding Partition
  • Safety Barrier
  • Security Barrier
  • Security Curtain
  • Folding Security Barrier


Folding Barriers Technical Details:

  • ¼” thick steel plate hinge system
  • Clear anodized aluminum finish
  • Wheels with 3” FFL
  • Anti-Sway Latch – Aids in moving roll and fold from storages to secured position

Typical Layout:

Typical layout of a GLASSESSENTIAL folding barrier connects to wall at one end and mounting tube at the other. This layout can have multiple sections.

Layouts with more than 7 sections can be divided into 2 sections.

folding access control barrier partition layout image

Folding Barrier Technical Details   Folding Barrier Technical Details   Folding Barrier Technical Details

 240 series accordion door

Custom-crafted accordion doors divide any space with natural and acceptable variations in wood grain characteristics, textures and color tones beautifully.Manufacturers of custom made accordion folding doorsThe most complete line of Custom Wood Accordion Doors from GLASSESSENTIAL. Simple and cost-effective. Solution for common door problems in residential,.commercialproperties.Accordion doors are supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top.Custom match  Size and finish variable; depending on the application and desired look or appeal.

Roll Up Shutter


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


We manufactures Roll Shutters Grilles for security and protection. Our roll up shutter  for commercial and industrial use such as self storage, available in light, medium and heavy duty windload, GLASSESSENTIAL® Roll up Shutters are immensely beneficial for protection in any building.

Roll up Shutters Features and Advantages:

  • Security : Excellent protection against burglary, effective visual deterrent for protection, unique locking system so that the rolling shutters become the perfect barriers against any kind of intrusion

  • Insulation from heat and cold: Thermal insulation properties that reduce heat in the warm season and retain the warmth in the cold season; injected with polyurethane to keep the interiors cool and warm when required; provides significant energy savings hence reduced electricity bills for you

  • Light control : Scorching rays of the sun and harmful ultra-violet and infra-red rays get blocked from penetrating through the rolling shutters, thus protecting the interiors and upholstery.

  • Noise protection : Reduce noise protection by up to 50% (based on independent laboratory tests); favorite with kids, elderly members, ailing members, shift workers or anyone wanting peace and quiet

  • Weather protection : No rattling during storm or heavy rains thus securing your property from flying debris or broken glass.

  • Fire protection: Prevents damage from bushfires, even from the flying burning embers

  • Privacy : Maintains your privacy wherever you are; natural light and airflow can be enjoyed with the perforating holes that can be kept open

Wood Roll-up shutter doors from GLASSESSENTIAL® are way of enhancing the looks of your property, thereby having a space-saving architectural décor. These are the epitome of functionality and graceful due to their fine furnishing..

 Wood Roll Up Door


  • Add security and aesthetic pleasure to any setting
  • Very neatly handcrafted solid hardwood
  • Flawless and elegant finish complementing any décor or architectural detail
  • Applicable at home camouflaging a wet bar, or ensuring security in a bank or hotel
  • Optional addition of a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project


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Residential Applications

Roll Up Door Order Worksheet




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GlassEssential® Window Shutters are custom made Hardwood Shutters for Windows and Doors to bring décor style, visual facet and elegance to home or office or any other application zone. Made of finest quality of woods, endowed with best finishes and surface treatment, it provides classic elegance, traditional look or vintage feel as you want to set inside.

A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails.


  • Adds premium style and character to your home or office.
  • Custom-made hardwood material.
  • Wide range of colors and finishes.
  • Variation of Traditional Wood Window Shutter or Plantation Wood Window Shutter.
  • Finest furniture-quality materials made to last a lifetime.
  • Able to meet any architectural design and perspective - arched or slanted windows, circular openings, French door applications.
  • Best of the best finishing techniques with staining or painting.

Aluminum Roll up Security Grilles and Closures.

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We manufacture rolling closures and security grilles that provide security for storefront and office entrances. We fabricate custom roll up grilles to meet your door requirements.
Rolling Grilles provide access control and off hour security on interior and exterior openings.Rollup grilles as access control, for your safety, elegant design, with great ventilation area. protection with transparency.We install rolling security grilles for malls, grocery/drug stores, schools, stadiums, hotels and airports across North America.Our crisp, clean lines of an Rollup grille will make your security solution an aesthetically pleasing one.

Security & Surveillance Camera System

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