Anti-Graffiti Films : Protects vandal-vulnerable surfaces

Anti Graffiti Film- Protective window film from GlassEssential reduces property damage. Protect your business from vandalism with anti graffiti film.

Public places are often robbed of their beauty and simplicity by way of illicit writings or doodles, known as graffiti. People who do so are called taggers and they resort to vandalism just for their own fun. Taggers now use acid in their graffiti work. The chemicals in such sprays and marker pens mean permanent damage of your window glass. Taggers call this "Acid Etching". They are not easily detected and hence ‘etched’ graffiti has been on the increase. Graffiti is a serious concern for many commercial set-ups and individuals. GLASSESSENTIAL® brings to you anti-graffiti window films that are a simple and inconspicuous defense against graffiti.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Features

  • scratch resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen, and wipes clean with basic cleaning materials. Removing and replacing etched or scratched film is swift and simple, thanks to the film’s low-tack adhesive.
  • anti-graffiti film is the efficient alternative to costly, time-consuming glass replacement.
  • Wipe-clean coating :to shrug off most sprays and paints
  • Quick-release adhesive for speedier film removal and replacement
  • Substrate compatibility with glass, mirrors, or plastic & acrylic surfaces
  • Gouge Resistant :Repel intentional attempts to gouge, deface, or destroy surfaces.
  • Acid-etch Resistant:Protect glass from permanent damage caused by glass etching solutions.
  • Scratch Resistant: Resist scratching and abrasion caused by sharp objects or devices.
  • Clean Removability: Adheres clearly and firmly to glass, but can be removed leaving little or no residue.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use :May be applied to either interior or exterior locations such as glass, windows, and mirrors.
  • Easy to Use :Easy to apply and clean without use of harmful an abrasive chemicals.

Types of AntiGraffiti Film:

Interior Anti-Graffiti Film :

Protects glass and mirrors from permanent damage. Tagging can be removed by simple cleaning; surface etching and gouging requires film replacement, the glass itself generally remaining unharmed. Available in 4 mil and 6 mil thickness

Exterior Anti-Graffiti film:

Premium film with a special coating developed to tackle the daily graphic abuse of the Paris Metro. Excels in spray resistance and wipeability. Available in 6 mil thickness.

PolyZone Anti-Graffiti film for plexiglass and acrylic:

Protects polycarbonate and PMMA from graffiti, vandalism and everyday wear and tear. Ideal for flat plastic glazed bus shelters, safety guards, walkways, stadiums and pools.

Anti Graffiti Film Technical Specifications:

Anti Graffiti film specifications

GLASSESSENTIAL® Anti-Graffiti Window Films are available in the following roll sizes.

  • 60 Inch Wide X 100 Feet Long
  • 72 Inch Wide X 100 Feet Long

GlassEssential anti-graffiti film provides a removable sacrificial surface for your building`s windows so that you can avoid window replacement. Our anti-graffiti films protect surfaces from harm, and after any attempt to damage the glass, can be removed quickly and easily.Keep your property beautiful with anti-graffiti window covering. Anti-Graffiti Window Film shields graphics, surfaces, and windows from "tagging"

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