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Magnetic Switch

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 Magnetic Switch MS-001 plays a pivotal role in a compact inter-connected security system enabled environment. A magnetic switch comprises electric contact switches and magnets. This magnetic switch, highly sensitive to magnets completes the circuit when door and windows are closed and when they are opened by offender, it breaks the contact. Thus the circuit is broken to set off the burglar alarm or activates other security systems at multiple locations. Proximity perfection, faster switching speed, free of sparking hazards and longer life are some of the performance indicators of this great product. It also can be well connected with other security systems like Emergency Dialer or Monitoring Station Emergency Dialer AD-433S, Protection System Control Panel SC-001.



  • Proximity perfection, faster switching speed.
  • Free of sparking hazards and also have a longer life.
  • Used as a vital primary trigger in conjunction with Door/Window sensor WT-433E.
  • Plays a watchdog role at doors, windows, key entry points.
  • Enhanced coverage available for additional doors / windows with multipleWT-433E.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit, or used in conjunction with the Skylink system.
  • Can be connected with other security systems.
  • Perfect match with Emergency Dialer or Monitoring Station Emergency Dialer AD-433S
  • Great performance with Total Protection System Control Panel SC-001, Audio Alarm AA-433
Wireless Alarm System and Accessories



Very easy Installation procedure.

  • Remove one of the connection wires from the existing magnetic switch.
  • Connect one of the wires from MS-001 to the existing magnetic switch.
  • Use the provided wire nut to connect the two remaining wires from the MS-001 magnetic

switch and the existing magnetic switch.


Installation is now completed.

  • When the door/window is opened, contact is broken and the sensor sends signal to the Control

Panel to activate the chime or alarm.


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Packing: Clamshell

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