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AM-100 AAA+TM Home Smart Center is a Compact wireless alarm system with features to cover four functions: ALARM, ALERT, AUTOMATION and COMMUNICATOR. This Kit comprises an advanced range of safety and monitoring Sensors with an Automated Control Console for full-proof security and protection needs and acts as a superior Wireless Security Burglar Alarm System for small to medium size homes. Advanced features like Voice announcement, Auto dialing, cutting-edge rolling code technology, powerful motion sensors and adaptation facility with other security products just make this Kit a complete monitoring system on your behalf!



During emergency or when a sensor attached with the system detects any potential danger; the control panel (AM-001) will dial automatically to pre-defined phone numbers (up to 5) to call for help and activates the Audio Alarm AA-433 to alert you.



The Control Panel (AM-100) gives you instant alert when a Sensor(s) gets tripped by voice announcement, unique beeping and LED flashing.



Gives you automation control to turns on/off household appliances and lights even when you are away from home.



Call for help with built-in emergency dialer for voice announcement (5 programmable telephone numbers) and digital dialer function.



  • Advanced range of safety accessories for alert, alarm, automation and communication needs.
  • Updated Rolling Code Technology to maximize better performance. 
  • Can be customized and programmed as a multi-zone (up to 5 zones) surveillance system..
  • Can be synchronized with up to 10 sensors, 5 control modules and 5 keychain remotes.
  • Option of Master, Second and Duress PIN availability.
  • In-built Auto Dialer with 5 programmable telephone numbers.
  • Advanced Built-in auto dialer with digital dialer function (panic).
  • In-built multilingual voice announcement system in English, French, Spanish and German (vary by models).
  • Great advantage with Fault line monitoring.
  • Calling-in facility to check system status.
    • Powered by AC adapter and back up by 4 no. AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Easy mounting on desktop.
  • FCC/IC approved. CE mark. ETL listed.
  • One year warranty cover.


AM-100 includes:

AM-001 Control Panel:

  • 4B-101 Keychain Remote.
  • Two WD-101 Door/Window Sensors.
  • PS-101 Motion Sensor.
  • AC adapter and rechargeable battery and all DC batteries for sensors.
  • Mounting accessories and phone line.




Packing: Box 

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