Folding Gate Installation Drawing

Folding Gate Installation Drawing

Folding security gates are a great way to keep an area protected only when it needs to be. Our Easy to install folding gate is most economical way to secure properties provides  additional security and rigidity with our 50+ Hardware and accessories. Steel folding security gates can easily be installed inside or outside the casing of a door and will pivot out of the way when not in use. GLASSESSENTIAL®folding gate Installation drawings guide’s architects, Contractor and designers for perfect installation of folding gates with 50 different accessories required in a specific application.Secure your warehouse, your bay doors, your aisles, window, door and other restricted areas with easy to install folding gates.Secure outside access during the day and add security at night with heavy-duty steel folding gates.

Following are different sketches /drawings to show different types of installation of folding gates with different hardware and accessories. You can choose from our wide range of collection of hardware to meet any job site  requirements to install gate for your desired purpose.

Please check below all the drawings for detailed guideline to implement your requirement.


Wheel Front side Bottom
Installation of Caster Wheel- Front side Bottom of Folding gate
Shoot Bolt Drop
Installation of Shoot Bolt- Drop Pin on front side Bottom of Folding Gate
Steel handle
Installations of Steel handle at front end of folding gate.
Roll Top Sliding Track
Installation of  hanging Caster to roll on Top Sliding Track
Mounting Side Security gate
Installation of Steel Hinge on Mounting Side of Security gate. Makes gate to Pivot up to 270 degree.
Slam Push Lock
Installation of Slam (Push) Lock
L Plate Bracket
Installation of "L" Plate Bracket to Mount Slam Lock on Surface Mount Position.
cylinder hook Lock
Installation of Locking Post with Drop Pins. Locking Post is a Bi-Parting Post with Deadbolt cylinder hook-Lock.
cylinder hook Lock 1
Installation of Locking Post . Locking Post is a Bi-Parting Post with Deadbolt cylinder hook-Lock.
Trolley Barrier application
Installation of Long Shoot bolt for Mobile trolley -Barrier application.
T Shape Mobile Trolley
Preparing Installation of Post onto T Shape Mobile Trolley.
T & DeepT Bracket
Installation of "T" Bracket and "Deep T" Bracket to avoid any attempt of pushing the gate from locked position, This T Bracket installation is required when two gates locks in middle.
H Bracket
Installation of H Bracket to keep two gates in locked position.
U & DeepU Bracket
Installation of U Bracket or "Deep U " Bracket for Preventing shaking Gate in Middle Position.
Angle Bracket
Installation of Post, Angle Bracket-Standoff Bracket  on top and Feet bracket at bottom of Post to keep the gate away from the opening.
Should any trouble arise during designing or installing stage, call our customer care center at 1-877-874-6321 to get quick assistance over telephone. Our Live representative will help you to achieve best installation for your application.

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