Folding gate for Room Divider

Divide Rooms with Room Divider Folding Security gate

Our Folding Gates provide the ability divide rooms . This collapsible, folding security gate locks to wall mounts to restrict access  and allows to air come in. This scissor type gate can serves as a divider and helps conserve heat inside the building.It easily easily folds up on one side and also folds away at 180 degree providing complete opening when opened.











GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate helps to divide rooms, separate and secure the interior space of the building at most cost effective way.

Room Divider Folding gate Features:

  • creates area with restricted access inside of the building
  • Install on one side with hinges and locks to other side.
  • Cylinder locking post option will allow locking and unlocking from both side
  • Thumturn option to allow lighter access control for emergency egress.
  • Caster wheel to support from front end of gate and allows to glide on floor smoothly
  • Powder coated finish for extended weather protection
  • Easy to install

 Generally Following Parts and accessories are required to create room divider with folding gate.

  • 1 Folding Gate for smaller opening or 2 folding gates for larger opening
  • Steel Post - if gate is installed on drywall or concrete-brick walls
  • Push Lock / Cylinder locking post/thumb turn
  • Caster wheel
  • Locking L-plate bracket- if gate to be mounted on face of opening.

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