Folding gate for Retail Counter Security

Secure Counter opening at low cost !!

Our Folding Gates provide the ability to secure Counter opening. like Bar Counter , Receptions Desks, medicial office counter, food counter Get vandalism security from our folding security gate. Counter opening can be secure by with or without top track, single or bi part type of installations. This security solution is very affordable compare to other products like roll up shutters, sliding grille, roller grille.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate is the most effective way for Counter Security of food, pharmacy, restaurant, medical office.

 Counter Security gate Features:

  • Create security of counter either with single gate or multiple gates.
  • Install on side way with hinges or suspend under the track system.
  • Locking can be in middle or on one side
  • Either cylinder lock or push locks for locking.
  • White powder coating
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Low cost with High security.


GlassEssential  Providing security solutions for retail counter applications across North America.

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