Folding Gate Application Gallery

Folding Security Gate Installation Gallery

Folding security gates can be mounted either on the inside of the building or the outside, depending on the application. Expandable folding security gates are cost effective, strong, decorative and easy to install and operate. Normally mounted inside of the building. We manufacture Security folding gates contain largest range of type, color and size, plenty of needed accessories in installation. We professionally install these folding  gates to provide you maximum satisfaction and security. These Expandable Folding Security gates can be installed virtually anywhere.Every gate retracts to a fraction of its extended width. See below pictures of our 100 + Installations of folding security gate for various security applications.


Folding Security Gate for Storefront Window and Door Security


Folding Security Gate for Shipping Door ,Dock Door Security






Folding Security Gate for Security Enclosure- Cage


  Folding Security Gate for Room Divider






 Folding Security Gate for Patio Sliding Door and French Door Security







Folding Security Gate for Retail Counter Security


Folding Gate for Access Control


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