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Emergency Dialer

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Emergency Dialer MS-2001 is an enhanced, voice enabled, perfectly customized situation specific device to act as great deterrent against any intrusion / forceful entry or at utmost emergency. This Emergency Voice / Pager Dialerenables you to protect your home with unmatched facilities like Pager /cell / landline dialing through two way communication mode, 3 preset Direct Access emergency phone numbers and dials out direct access phone numbers by a press of a buttonwith Rolling Code System for maximum safety. In case of urgency, powerful sensor transmits a signal to Emergency Dialer (MS-2001) which triggers to activate the system to dial up automatically to 3 different predefined numbers of your choice for up to 9 times until the call is being received and also simultaneously sends out prerecorded voice message to dialers to call. You can also call our 3 direct access phone numbers by a sheer press of a button. It is just the ideal monitoring system for overall assistance, protection & security needs where immediate emergency notification is the utmost priority. Besides this, even you do not need to pay a hefty monitoring fee for this product!


Basic features:

  • Advanced Voice enabled monitoring system for immediate emergency notification.
  • 3 preset direct access phone numbers for 2 way communication.
  • High tech Rolling Code System provides maximum security.
  • Also can be activated by transmitter or keypad.
  • Dials each phone number up to 9 times.
  • Repeats emergency 40 seconds message to a telephone number up to 9 times.
  • Highly audible Tone/ Pulse dialing.
  • Automatically override the occupied line for emergency call.
  • Programmable pause time for pager access.
  • Better choice of telephony system selection (PABX or regular phone system).
  • Can be linked with up to our 16 remote sensors (available separately).
  • Pre-programmable entry/exit delay.
  • Universal Dial Tone adapts to voice systems of all phone companies.
  • Operated by AC adapter, 6 1.5V backup batteries (available separately).
  • Low battery indication.
  • Time Clock Display.
  • Clear visibility through back lit keypad.
  • Free of any monthly monitoring fees.


Wireless Alarm System and Accessories

Enhance features:

  • MS-2001 is equipped with the power of identification who needs help and where.
  • Free of any monitoring fees.
  • Easy to install and easier to customize.
  • Full-proof remote monitoring for your near and dear ones while you are busy at workplace.
  • Can be implemented in conjunction with other security systems.


MS-2001 Includes:

  • MS-2001 Monitoring station.
  • 4B434 Keychain Remote.
  • AC adapter.
  • Phone line.



  • User's Instruction
  • Extended Warranty Card
  • Catalog Literature


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