Frequently Asked Questions - Wireless Alarm System -SC1000 - FAQ

FAQs - Wireless Alarm System -SC1000 - FAQ

SC-1000 is the first complete, totally wireless alarm system that is easy to install, program and use.

None. The best part about owning the SC-1000 is that it is a self-monitoring center on its own. All the monitoring companies do is that, in an event of an emergency they will make the call to the emergency services for you. The SC-1000 comes with an emergency phone dialer which in the event of an emergency will call up to 9 different numbers, and sends your personal, (up to 40 second long) recorded message to the person of your choice, thus, eliminating the need for a monitoring company.

At we make sure that all our products are the most user friendly. Our engineers spent a lot of time trying to make installing, programming and using our products very easy. The result is the SC-1000 that is a totally Do-It-Yourself, wireless system that does not need any hard wiring whatsoever. It comes pre-programmed at the factory so that you can just hook it up and start using it. You can always personalize the functions if there is a need by going thru the clear and simple instructions in the user manual.

This system is totally wireless. You can add as many sensors as you need, up to 24. All you need to do is learn each sensor to the control panel by pressing one button and it is ready to use.

Statistics from the Police Departments all over the world show that, homes with no electronic surveillance or security systems are more prone to getting robbed than homes with some kind of security system. Skylink security systems are designed to work for you at a cost that can be easily be included in your budget. There is no monitoring fee involved so you do not have to keep paying an additional bill every month for a long, long time.

Please call Toll Free 1-877-874-6321 in USA and Canada and 519-780-2527 from anywhere in the world and our customer service associates will be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding installation, programming, etc., or send us your questions and comments at info(at)

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