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  1. Opening Width in inches
  2. Opening Height in Inches.
  3. Product you are looking for
  4. Installation On the Surface or Between the Jamb of Window/Door Frame.
  5. Color Of product
  6. Operators:Manual/Motorized/Crank
  7. Use of Product : Retail/Residential/Manufacturing
  8. Where you want to use the product: Window/Doors/Other
  9. Your Budget is also important Criteria for us to guide you to select right product.
  10. In order to send your resumes mail them to the address given below.

Vrinda Inc.
265 North Service Rd W, Swift Current, SK S9H 3S8
Phone: 1-877-874-6321
Fax: 1-888-335-2104
Email: info(at)

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