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Undecided How to order for Window bar ?  Please follow these Steps

STEP  1 : Measure Window :

Take Opening Width And Height Measurement (Frame to Frame or Jamb to jamb depending on where you want to be install )

STEP  2 : Select Window Bars Type :

Select Window bars from Following Categories
·         Fixed Type – Permanently Mounted Window Bars. Decorative Window Bars are falling in this category.
·         Removable Type :  Removed when unlock  window bars from it’s mounting Bracket. Easy to Clean Window and Easy for Open for emergency exit. More Security than Quick Release window bars.
·         Folding Type : Open and Folds Window Bar
·         Quick Release Type : Having Quick Release Mechanism to Open Window bars , More Complex to install and less secure

STEP  3 : Select Material Type  :

Following Material are generally used in Window bars
·         Steel ( Steel  Tubing or Steel Flat bar Or Steel Rod )
·         Extruded Aluminum
·         Wrought Iron

STEP  4 : Select Mounting  Type :

Generally Window bars can be mounted two ways:
1.       Recess Mount between the Jambs OR Between the Window Frames. This Installation is generally recommended and it also looks better. For Removable type window bar, only this Mounting type Works.
2.       Face of Wall Mounting (Surface Mount or Flush Mount) : This Installation type is recommended when window do not have enough space inside jambs for installation. For Door Windows, This is a recommended option.

STEP 5:   Order

 Order  Security Window bars by Calling Window Security Bars Expert at  : 1-877-874-6321 .+ largest varieties of Window bars in North America.